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  1. weboutgateway

    How to use transition for multiple div elements?

    Try to make your hover style for your button within your div and to the div itself.
  2. weboutgateway

    effective way of seo

    SEO Techniques · Set your keywords Deliberate the search term you use and consider yourself as a user; think of the effective search terms based on your website. · On-page optimization. Placing your search term in any of these: content, URL or in hidden tags of your website. · Off-...
  3. weboutgateway

    What do you do when your on the computer?

    Most of the time search for some kind of stuffs that is interesting to be aware on what’s the new trend. Use this to be more resourceful.
  4. weboutgateway

    Advantage/Disadvantage of Free Hosting

    Posts above have their points for the advantages and to the disadvantages but here is my compilations for your query. ☣Merits: ✔IT’S FREE means you’re notrequiring to pay any paid subscription. ✔Generally FREE web hosting sites are user-friendly. ✔You can get the FREE space on the server and...
  5. weboutgateway

    Guest Blogging Sites

    Hi! yeah upon searching I find it interesting to post or share your blogs. travelpod.com ★ travellerspoint.com ★ travelblog.org ★ Check this out and have a great post of your awesome trips.
  6. weboutgateway


    I think you have to group it with specific points. At Home – remove the sitemap link and put it in to the footer and change its contents to: Putting together the contents of what we do to your homepage not the menus but creating a homepage that contains all...
  7. weboutgateway

    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    Apparently I’m not really sure that Free hosting is safe maybe it depends on how you secure your data’s and for the free hosting that you use, but basically you should be aware and review for what’s the pron’s and con’s under the terms and conditions or policy before using it, added to that if...
  8. weboutgateway

    Batter Operating System...?

    For me best is iOS mobile OS and among for the three choices what is better? I preferably go for the widely used operating system which is android. Why android? First is it is open source, it is compatible in Windows Mac OS Linux, therefore you will find it more flexible, though and really...
  9. weboutgateway

    Pinterest any good for SEO?

    Apparently Yes, It does work and keep active in using other social media it is a good factor to join the online community to promote your contents.
  10. weboutgateway

    Is twitter good for SEO?

    Yeah, that is true and I agree with it, using the social media you can increase the traffic to your website this is for promoting the goods of your content but not just twitter but you can use other social media accounts.
  11. weboutgateway

    How do I get my HTML to the Web server?

    You need a web server or hosts for that. Use http://www.godaddy.com/, the webhost that is guarantee tested. Or visit the link below it’s about the WYSIWYG web builder for publishing your page. http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/publish.html Hope It helps.
  12. weboutgateway

    Please review my SEO website: www.seo-service-provider.org

    Simple Website. Nice, Cool and Clean. Good Job.
  13. weboutgateway

    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    I prefer for a paid hosting rather than free. Paid gives you a good customer support do not allow unexpected advertisements, and it shows your ideal and professionalism for your websites. I’m sure you don't want to come up with free but full of disgrace advertisements so awful. And for me you...
  14. weboutgateway

    tech staff

    Preferably choosing a well experience staff would be good but in my point of view those who has a great knowledge in doing such a good work and giving an opportunity with the young minds or better yet those who has the ability to handle the technical workloads is better. Review the technical...
  15. weboutgateway

    Best anti virus

    Theres a lot of anti virus for protecting computers from malicious attacks,Trojans, worms viruses and many more. With regards to that I recommend you the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus to check out the pros and cons of it click the link below and try it for your computer's protection, security, and...
  16. weboutgateway

    SMO Activity

    Social media optimization (SMO), others refer to it as search marketing optimization deals in enhancing the company's presence in online communities such as Facebook, twitter, RSS feeds and any video and bogging sites that your business was link in socially, it is useful in making your company...
  17. weboutgateway

    Review our Website

    Your website is simple yet it is appealing and clean. :)
  18. weboutgateway

    How to handle over heating ?

    Overheating of computers is literally happens in most of us, We encountered those times and seems we want to avoid it being aware that a computer units/parts MUST be clean and free to freaky dust, proper ventilation of our computers is necessary and remember Thermal paste of our CPU's do dries...
  19. weboutgateway

    How can I design an effective webdesign for my site ?

    In creating an effective web design of course you have to think for the theme of your website and considering that you have the knowledge for using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or anything you’re comfortable to use it would really help you lot when you have the idea of creating...
  20. weboutgateway

    Please give me some suggestions on my website

    After checking your website I found some awful part that you must review or make some changes. 1. auto suggestion in search 2. spacing of the navigation menus (to misleading) 3. changes the font colors to make the content more readable Hope you consider :)