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  1. .Bobby

    Having both Google Ads and personal ads running at the same time?

    Wow, I thought this thread was dead already. But anyway, Does AdJungle work?
  2. .Bobby


    Anyone used them before? Attracted by people saying they can use Google Adsense with AdJungle - which allows people to buy ads on your site. They said it would display Adsense untill someone buys your ad space - where it'll change to the customer's ad. Awaiting your replies!
  3. .Bobby

    EVCT Hosting

    Is everyone able to reach the site? I keep getting: Server Not Found.
  4. .Bobby

    Best Website Uptime Monitoring Service?

    Pingdom and ServiceUptime tells you the downtime duration too?
  5. .Bobby

    Best Website Uptime Monitoring Service?

    Oh yeah! I read about that! But are they good?
  6. .Bobby

    EVCT Hosting

    Glad to know there's great hosts out there. But, for some reason or another, i'm unable to reach your site. Is anyone else experiencing it too?
  7. .Bobby

    Best Website Uptime Monitoring Service?

    Oh, great! Thanks for your reply. Just signed up with both. Will see in the coming months! +1!
  8. .Bobby

    Best Website Uptime Monitoring Service?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to hear which Website Uptime Monitoring Service you guys think is the best. Do state the best Free Service, and the best Paid service, if possible. Thanks!
  9. .Bobby

    A lot of free hosts going down?

    Well, how many people actually look at the Free Webhost Advertising Section to look for a stable webhost? If i'm personally looking for a stable free webhost to settle in, i'd settle for one with good reviews. Not one which advertises using 3 accounts the same company 3 times in a day...
  10. .Bobby

    New Police fundraising scheme!

    The sign with the black stripe means it's National Speed Limit (60-70). When people see it, they think it's 60-70, but when they pass it, it turns around and shows 30, allowing the speed camera to capture it. Lol.
  11. .Bobby

    beware of hosting-shack

    labyrinth, Darksoul isn't acting dumb, nor doesn't he understand. The fact is, first, your English is bad, we're all trying our best to understand your broken grammar and sentence structure - if we misinterpret it, sorry. Secondly, you mentioned, this host is requiring users who break their TOS...
  12. .Bobby

    16 Year Old Starts Web Host and Makes Over $605,000. FREE Videos Show How.

    I'm still curious to know which Web Hosting Company OP had setup which helped rope in $605,000. Thanks.
  13. .Bobby

    16 Year Old Starts Web Host and Makes Over $605,000. FREE Videos Show How.

    What's your Hosting Company that helped you rope in so much cash? Care to share?
  14. .Bobby

    Should i go for win 7 or not?

    Yup. CS1.6, CZ, L4D2, WC3, BF2, AA3 ;)
  15. .Bobby

    Windows 7?

    Ditto. Maybe because my rig is self-assembled (to the best :P), I don't feel much of a difference from WinVista Ultimate x64 to Win7 Ultimate x64. But overall, a little bit of a new UI, seems fun. Thanks.
  16. .Bobby

    Galaxy-Webhost.com - down again...

    They're up to me.
  17. .Bobby

    Jason is famous!

    You're a talent! At 14, having run numerous companies already! Hell, I thought you were over 20 when I worked with ya.
  18. .Bobby

    Anyone on FWS ever used Galaxy Visions Servers??

    Glad to know you didn't make a wrong choice.
  19. .Bobby

    Free hosting required, for dead user

    Your requirements aren't too high. I'm sure many companies are able to help you out there, and have your site up and running without any obligation of any kind on a regular basis. Though, it's weird for someone to say "i'm going to be gone soon", frankly.
  20. .Bobby

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Hmm.. Short Thread I see.