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    Welcome to FWS!
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    Cheap Driving Lessons

    What you are referring to is a community school it is not a high school. I'm referring to a normal High school class that is held during the normal school day. A student goes to a class room just like they would for, English, math, science, etc. It would be like any other class period...
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    little help?

    What exactly are you trying to do. Make all 3 the same size. Move box 3 to box 2 location. Make the 3 boxes equal sizes but the total match the left side? Etc...
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    Cheap Driving Lessons

    What county do you know that offers Drivers ed to High School students that charge for it.
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    Cheap Driving Lessons

    Take drivers ed in High School it's free in the USA :-)
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    stargate DC

    If I remember correct they use to have a small data center in Naperville where they were a web hosting firm. They opened the new dc a few years ago about about 1 year ago they sold there Stargate Domain, Shared Hosting and Reseller Clients to uk2.net
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    OneStepArcade Full license w/ GAMES

    Your uploaded file is not the one that has the copyright removed.
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    Webhost-Warehouse Domain For Sale

    If still open $21
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    VPS/DEDI needed for markmcculloch Community

    Stanley08 Managed, or unmanaged? Do you need a control panel?
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    My plan, your thoughts about it, help me out

    If the 1 main index page goes down the other pages will work but there will be nothing to link them together.
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    Dedicated Server NEEDED

    We can provide you with a machine that meets your needs. With valid justification we can have you setup with ip's within 24 hours. Why do you need so many IP's especially on such a low end machine?
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    Selling: Post2Host.com (Domain)

    We will start the bid at $5
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    need dedicated server

    You did not list your budget.
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    What A Song - What A Voice

    Very good performance.
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    Need dedicated server

    Yes it is on a 100mb port. That is the minimum or you can go with a $30 PIII. Intel PIII 1.46GHZ / 3 x 36GB Hard Drive / 512 MB RAM / 750 GB BW / 1 IP order.cfhdeveloping.com
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    I need some help chosing a Dedicated Server

    It would be a good box to practice on. The ethernet port that the machine would be on if you choose that one would be limited to 5mb at a time. If you are getting one to practice on I would go with one that is in your budget. You can get better but for the price and a practice machine it is not...
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    Need dedicated server

    We can offer you Dual Core AMD Opteron 1210, 1.8GHz / 80GB Hard Drive / 512 MB RAM / 500 GB BW / 1 IP $40 This is a custom plan so pm if interested. order.cfhdeveloping.com
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    FreeHostManager - For Sale

    Hay Joe are you going to continue to provide all bug fixes ect for free with the sale?