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  1. byrdgirl13

    Bush: I want to be the peace President

    Umm...did it occur to you that the complaining/dissent itself is 'doing something'? Not everybody can or will be political activists. At least the people who talk about the things they hate about America talk. Would you rather those people shut up? Wouldn't it be worse if there were problems...
  2. byrdgirl13


    They're running out of ideas...
  3. byrdgirl13

    Double 19...uh sure, that's a title

    Nah, I don't like it anyway, so I may as well not make trouble for myself. :rolleyes2 Thanks all, I know I'll have my cake when I get home on Saturday! It'll be good, too. :P And happy birthday Anhedonia!
  4. byrdgirl13

    Woman Dies During Screening Of 'Passion Of The Christ'

    Oh, no. I smell lawsuits. :hide:
  5. byrdgirl13

    That poor penguin..

    exactly. <understatement>the original is much better.</understatement>
  6. byrdgirl13

    I let a girl drive the car

    Sorry children, I only go for guys who know how to act mature.
  7. byrdgirl13

    The perfect engagement ring

    perhaps you didn't catch, but that thing's like 50 light-years away. i don't think we need to worry about the price of diamonds plummeting anytime soon...besides, those diamond companies would just want the star so they could stash it away and continue to keep the price of diamonds too high.
  8. byrdgirl13

    I let a girl drive the car

    matrix, i would slap you for that if i could. and boys, you pick the wrong girls! this one's the best driver in her family - the only crashes i've been in are the ones when my brother was driving (i'm not sure there's a car he's ever driven and NOT crashed...). i'm lucky i still have all my...
  9. byrdgirl13


    Promoting affiliate links is not a very good reason to create a website. And if you're interested, I don't buy anything through affiliate links off websites, so you wouldn't make a penny off this "woman-folk." (Don't call women "women-folk." That won't help you either.) If you want to make...
  10. byrdgirl13

    Honest Opinions

    I disagree. There are standards, and there are often valid reasons a work of art or writing is called bad. A lot is. Certainly preference plays a part in whether you enjoy the piece, but whether it is a good piece of art/writing or not is a quite separate matter. Opinions should be taken...
  11. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    And a lot of unwarranted statements from people who can often act so rational? :wink2: And yes, the freedom is something to be proud we have - and to not use it would be shameful, IMO. We depend on the controversy among viewpoints to keep the government and the nation in a balance. If we...
  12. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    Hmm, I don't remember hearing anything like this. What is your authority to support that claim? Who said anything about socialism? Those are democracies. Anyway, let's look at some other European countries, as listed by that same source of yours. - Switzerland: 1.9% - Iceland: 2.8% -...
  13. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    a worthwhile rant nonetheless. I'm also tired of all the negative campaigning - and arguing (most of all when claims are unsupported), and wish people would focus on voting for the candidate who will represent their stance on issues - after all, isn't that what the whole system is for...
  14. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    He isn't as liberal as Dean, from what I know. That makes him the more likely to pick up swing voters. Swing voters are really what make or break a candidate. Most people vote for the candidate within their party, regardless of issues, since most candidates endorsed by a party will uphold...
  15. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    My, how you take the daring perspective! It's very difficult to oust a president who's seeking a second term. Of course, in this case the outcome is currently a toss-up as polls have shown Bush's ratings low enough that he could well lose if elections were, say, tomorrow. And no, I'm not...
  16. byrdgirl13

    Bush's Resume...

    Both statements - "Their response to anything Bush does is 'Bush is stupid'" and "...liberals lack logic" - are logical fallacies. Hasty generalization in both cases. Sorry!
  17. byrdgirl13

    Bumper Stickers

    I figured it's safer not to ask. ;)
  18. byrdgirl13

    Bumper Stickers

    Webdude, generally the younger you are, the easier it is to learn a new language. People who are, say, 30 or older have a much harder time. I think actually studies show it's sometime soon after high school age that it starts to get harder to learn much faster, at least for people who have not...
  19. byrdgirl13

    Student Murders Classmate - WTF!

    Yeah, stereotypes have a strange way of not being terribly accurate in a lot of cases... ;)
  20. byrdgirl13

    Bumper Stickers

    "kno problums lernin" it, eh? Even if you weren't 3 for 3 on misspellings in that phrase, people learn at different rates. There are some people for whom learning a language comes rather easily; for many, it is much more difficult. Look in on any language class and you'll see that. How old...