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    Create a website in HTML...

    When creating a new website I like to put up a really basic html site as quick as possible. Put some great texts on it, update it frequently, make sure the robots.txt is set up and just let it rest. Your domain will start climbing in the google rankings because it's just so f-ing fast and has...
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    What Are You Listening To!

    This: https://soundcloud.com/partisan-records/ages-and-ages-divisionary-do
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    How fast is your internet?

    At this internet cafe: 6.90 Mbps down, 1.00 Mbps up.
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    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    Laptop. We website guys probably are sitting behind a laptop way more then the average user. Internet will move more and more to tablets and smartphones in the next couple years. Especially if microsoft keeps releasing crappy windows versions.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    My guess: facebook groups and twitter. It's faster to interact with. Also, increase use of tablets and smartphones. These are mainly consuming devices which don't encourage long debates on forums. We live in a consumption society now and peoples attention gets shorter and shorter. Lastly, I've...
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    5-day money back guarantee

    Most customers will not ask for their money back. The money you loose on the ones who do is way less then the money you make from the ones who sign up. Try to remove all obstacles for people to sign up. As with everything: experiment. If 5 days doesn't work for you, try 30 days.
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    Hello from a canadian hosting provider

    Hello all, We're canspace.ca Canadian domain register and hosting provider. I would like to help out anybody who has questions on these forums and contribute to making this a high value board. See you around! Tom
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    What desktop email client do you use?

    Not by default. But you can install an add on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/minimizetotray/
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    Making money online

    Well that's the million dollar question everybody wants to know the answer to isn't it? I would like to add to the above: a lot of discipline, focus, dedication and time. Making money online is not easier then running an offline business or freelance job. The most important thing is to...
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    Best Email Service ?

    Just have your emails send to an email client like mozilla thunderbird. Pretty easy to set up in gmail or hotmail. After you've set it up you don't have to look in gmail or hotmail anymore.
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    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    Solely laptop. I conciously choose not to get a smartphone to keep me focused. I'm behind the laptop all day so I want to be disconnected from the internet when I'm outside ;)
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    Best keyword search tool?

    Google's keyword planner and anything by SEOmoz.
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    Which Windows versions you like?

    XP for personal use. Loving it for years. Will switch to 7 though after Microsoft quits supporting it in April 2014.
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    select a domain name

    Keywords in a domain are not necessary these days. Google doesn't look at that anymore. Depending on your website, your domain should either be your company's name or a phrase related to it.
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    And Yet Another One Gone!

    That's sad news. Any idea why they had to quit?
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    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    If you are serious about your website as in, you want to attract a significant audience or run a business on it, you should not consider free hosting. If it's for personal use and you want to see if blogging is for you and want to have your personal domain, then go ahead, start with free...
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    Which is better Free or Paid Hosting?

    Basic rule: If your income is dependent on your online presence, always go for paid hosting. If it's just a hobby, start with free hosting, see how it works and if you like it. If not you can always switch to paid hosting later.
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    I need the best web hosting solution at affordable price?

    This is not a question we can answer without knowing more about what you want. Everyones needs are different. So you need to figure out what your needs are in order to choose the best hosting. Things to consider: - Amount of bandwith you expect to use - Amount of databases/email addresses...