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    Dataracks ● 30% Off ● Trusted Brand ● Ultra-Reliable Servers ● Serious Support

    30% off any shared package Lasts lifetime of plan ------------------------------------- Coupon Code: celebrate ------------------------------------- DataRacks (http://www.dataracks.net), is both a leader and a pioneer in the Web Services Industry. Since 2002, Dataracks has been...
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    Free Hosting w/ No Ads (7.5GB HDD & 75GB BW) - No Catch & No Downtime by Hostistry

    At Hostistry.com, we believe hosting is simply better when it's free and easy to use. For years our staff has managed a leading hosting company and now we have ported this experience to a new massive undertaking, by hosting 100's of thousands of smart, active, internet users for absolutely no...
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    Need FREE Domain Host ASAP!

    Try www.65gb.com 6.5GB of space & 65GB of Bandwidth. Far more than enough.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Even older now! This is awesome.
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    INVIHO - Free hosting site review

    I think it looks good as is.
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    Please review!

    I think it's great, lots of potential, it's very flexible. Is this template for sale?
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    Please review Space-network

    Hello my friend, I wanted to help you by reviewing your site but it's not loading. Please update us when it works.
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    Review Miniword.net

    Cool start, don't cram the menu so much. use a larger bolder font size and make it go the entire distance across the black header bar.
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    Google, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, YPN. Which one?

    Google has great payouts relatively speaking, yahoo used to dominate but sine then has really scaled back.
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    is there such a thing as free ssl?

    There are SSL generators, which generate a key for you, the encryption tends to be very weak but it is free. Are you looking for a certain strength?
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    The Leading Free Hosting Company Now Accepting New Members Faster!

    www.65gb.com The web's new leading free hosting company has launched a new cluster of servers to support it's phenomenal growth. 65gb.com recently received a plethora of notoriety for its very ambitious free hosting plans featuring: 6.5 Gigabytes of Disk Space 65 Gigabytes of Bandwidth...
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    Very Powerful Free Web Host, Looking for Users, Reward if found.

    We have a sound business model which supports our offerings. That is the answer to both questions.
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    Very Powerful Free Web Host, Looking for Users, Reward if found.

    Do you show ads. How big are they? We will never show ads on our customers websites. Do you offer full support for users? Absolutely, our forum is manned virtually 24/7. Do you support PHP and MySQL? Yes, we fully support both, and offer 6 MySQL Databases & The option to create a new user for...
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    Very Powerful Free Web Host, Looking for Users, Reward if found.

    For starters, clustering actually works now.
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    Very Powerful Free Web Host, Looking for Users, Reward if found.

    It is a modified version of layered panel.
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    Very Powerful Free Web Host, Looking for Users, Reward if found.

    My name is 65gb.com and 6'5(gb) Very smart, very fast, and I can host millions lots of users on my back with ease. If you're the technical type, I divide my self up as follows: 6.5GB of Storage Space Per User 65GB of Data Transmission Per User Per month. I am very brain-strong, I have 4...
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    Free Hosting Woes

    It works because people give it to them.
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    Free POP3?

    Haven't heard of many without SSL POP3 these days.
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    t0pher needs a host

    Is Cpanel really necessary? The control panel at www.freehostinn.com has much of the same functionality.