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    t0pher needs a host

    James! How are you? How you been? Ill have to look into your site :) always fun! To everyone: thanks for taking time to reply. I dont wanna sound rude, but in my post it said: "you get a text link or an 88x31 if your nice." please consider that when replying.
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    t0pher needs a host

    Hi guys. Been a while. Anyways. My host went down without warning so im tryin to find a new home. Domain is t0pher.com need: 300mb or more storage 3 gigs or more bw unlimited mysql (just in case) parked and add ons. cPanel w/ fantastico. you get a text link or an 88x31 if your nice.
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    this is a perfect example of how the muslim world overly reacts to things. you are turning something that has nothing to do with the other situation into a conflict. if you really must ask, millions of people were killed in the holocaust (in case you didnt know) it was a horrible thing...
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    Does any one have a hummer

    am i mistaken or is that a corvette limo? sweet!
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    Fake Paypal Message.

    email spoof@paypal.com yeah. i win the european lottery at least 6 times daily. i also have african royalty figures asking me to deposit their 1833284 million dollars in my bank account. its a rough life.
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    How much are this domain worth?

    probably like $8
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    Here's a blatant rip off.

    i dont think anyone wants that.
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    Here's a blatant rip off.

    haha. figures.
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    Here's a blatant rip off.

    hmmmm. i wonder who he ripped the new site off of hehe
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    What kind of cell phone do you have?

    hey guys! we have goats number now! its 555-2562. :P just kidding of course. anyways, i have the motorolla v551. decent phone. its light. the only thing i dont like is that it cant play real ringtones.
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    i couldnt resist...

    RIP Fido
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    StormPay Shut Down

    good thing i dont use them. im pretty confident that paypal wont go anywhere anytime soon.
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    Why Would You Do Such A Thing?? WHY??

    omg. lets start riots in outrage! seriously. i know its a generaliztion, but most muslims do take stuff way to seriously.
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    make the first letter of every word capital?

    you can do that with visual basics. i forget what the code is exactly. i can look it up in one of my texts if you want. it has to do with defining the string a certain way i believe.
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    Why Would You Do Such A Thing?? WHY??

    http://forums.gamebattles.com/showthread.php?t=555737 a good read. it gives some insight into it. especially the Sorry, Sorry part.
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    Mod Scam, Mods Please Update, Is This A Scam Or What?.

    hehe. good play TM. you got his/her hopes up and then dashed them. +10 epoints for you!
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    Why Would You Do Such A Thing?? WHY??

    I dont know of any suicide attacks during the crusades. Also, things that are considered barbaric today were perfectly acceptable in the middle ages. People always seem to bring up the history of a people as a whole to rationalize actions that occur today. The crusades and slavery (in the US)...
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    Soliciting domains?

    i doubt that they can just take it from you. what if it stood for...... sometimes cats eat asparagus? or can they? im not really aware of laws regarding copyright on domains.
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    thats good since i have made $.96......google ads from back when i was a host. im getting paid $55 for the project im working on now though.
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    Belize source: http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/topleveldomains/countrycodeA-E.asp