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    Starting a Uptime Monitoring Network

    Yea Seraphim, see people think its so complicated :-/
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    Hmm I think I'm banned :(
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    Starting a Uptime Monitoring Network

    Ok, since MOST server uptime monitoring networks are "not free" I was thinking of making a free one... but the problem is... I need couple of hosts... I dunno if I'll be able to pull it off but with some good advertising it should be profitable.... In return hosts promote their network and...
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    Offshore Hosting

    Check out http://www.123systems.net . They have offshore nodes in Romania which I believe does not follow these Laws :D
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    My apologize to 123systems.net

    I over reacted a LOT when there server went down. I accept it :/. I would like to make this a moment to apologize to 123systems.net and its staff.. I would also would request the admins or mods to remove the two topics relating to this incident...
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    Need a host fast!

    hey, I'm not rude person.... I have to accept I did over react a bit (okay, a lot). Because at one point support was like "server wasn't down!" then one of my tickets got closed so I just thought I got scammed or something (I thought you'll would close down or something). I'm sorry for my behavior.
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    123systems.net closed?

    /me slaps 123Systems around with a bit large trout. You almost gave me several heart attacks! :( Fact is! the transaction with 123systems.net is my VERY FIRST internet transaction in my LIFE and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I need to say something here... my first attempts to make payments...
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    123systems.net closed?

    Ok this is bad Right, I bought the large hosting package from www.123systems.net paying 30.95 via Paypal. After around 10 days I noticed my website is not visible. After contacting support I was told that the server went down for maintenance but oddly the FTP,CPanel of the server was online...
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    123systems.net closed?

    I bought hosting from 123systems.net last week... there server now has been down for over 7 hours! Have they closed down?
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    Need a host fast!

    Ok, I got some hosting from www.123systems.net... its is to say in one word BULLSH*T. The server dies for 4+ hours every 2 days... and worst of all there support is "silent" during this time. I'm gonna stay until the next failure and gonna ask for a refund. Ok. I need the following FAST...
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    123systems.net is it good?

    Ok, after running around like a mad dog, I think I've finally found my host 123systems.net . They have cheap hosting plans that are not "unlimited" which is good :D. They don't enforce any CPU limits and no problems unless we hog resources. I need to host a small PHP script that my programs...
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    Cheap Hosting needed

    Hello, I need : 40GB of Space 200GB of Bandwidth 100 Websites CPanel with Advanced DNS Zone Editor No Max number of files limit 1000 MySQL No Max CPU limit 99% Uptime Linux PHP Known company with at least 3 years of business I'm looking for in a USD $5 - $10 price range...
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    ChiranthaSoft Talking Clock!

    Hey everyone! I spent months working on my Talking Clock. If you want please try it out. Please also let me know what you think :P. You can download my Software from the website : http://www.chiranthasoft.com/index.php?act=talkingclock My software unlike other Talking Clocks today does...
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    Backup Hosting for www.queenofangels.lk and www.chiranthasoft.com

    Hello, I require IMMEDIATE ad free stable hosting for www.chiranthasoft.com and www.queenofangels.lk (Non-profit sites). Until my main host fixes the server issues. I need : 1GB Space 5GB Bandwidth 3 Addon Domains 3 Parked Some e-mail account and FTP accounts. *no post to host...
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    Queen Of Angels Website

    Hey! I deisgned the Queen Of Angels Church Sri Lanka (My parish) website. Please check it out and tell me what you think :D. http://www.queenofangels.lk Thanks :)
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    Requesting Servers for new Server Uptime network

    For database storage! because from the looks of it there will be a big demand for a free service like because the best ones require money.
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    Requesting Servers for new Server Uptime network

    Hello, I'm planning to start a server uptime network called ChiranthaSoft uptime. I need servers from multiple locations. Decent Banner ads are accepted. The server must need the following requirements. 1. 1GB Space 2. 10GB Bandwidth 3. 2 MySQL databases 4. Cpanel 5. Reliable Server...
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    Need 1GB with 100 Email accounts no ads please

    Hey, I am thinking of having a small e-mail service. Only for friends you know :D 1. I need a server with a very good uptime 2. Must have SMTP and POP 3. Must have Cpanel 4. 1GB storage space 5. Must be online for atleast an year! (I don't want ones that go bankrupt) 6. 10GB Bandwidth...
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    Need a Server that Supports PHP Socket Functions

    Hi, I need a free account on a server that supports PHP socket functions, these are: fsockopen() socket_* functions I need it to run a small IRC bot. It won't use much CPU or anything. I need only about 50mb of space and 500mb of Bandwidth.. I know a few hosts but all of them don't...
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    www.roxr.com were is it?

    Hi, For about an year I have been with Roxr.com free web hosting. As of the 14th of May 2006 the servers are NOT found. Although the domain's remain pointed. I would like to ask the owner (Raider, owner of rapidsharing.com) what happen. There was no notice about this closed down.. normally a...