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  1. notnamed

    Free cPanel, instant activation, Softaculous, no ads, no posting!

    Hello i2chat, please check your PMs. We'll see what we can do, depending on your circumstances.
  2. notnamed

    Free cPanel, instant activation, Softaculous, no ads, no posting!

    Hi, folks! We'd like to offer you a premium-featured free hosting account on nativepixel's rock-solid network! We do not require any advertisements or require you to post on any forums. This is just pure free hosting to get you started on the way to establishing your internet presence...
  3. notnamed

    OMG.. I joined here in year 2004 and I still see the same people...

    I was 14. Now I'm 22. That's weird.
  4. notnamed


    Your only option is to switch to a credit union.
  5. notnamed

    I'm officially American now

    Good luck with this Ben, I hope you're able to reasonable his doubt.
  6. notnamed

    Just recently noticed this

    So you think the federal government should mandate (by leaving the minimum wage where it is) that people get roommates just so that they can live on their minimum wage? Wow, and you seem upset that people are required to buy health insurance... leaving the minimum wage at a point where the...
  7. notnamed

    Everybody brag about your dog

    I don't have a dog, but my work moved to a new office with a resident dog: His name is Cowboy. He's very sweet, and listens very well. I told him to sit down so I could take this picture, and all he did for 3-4 minutes was move his head right when I clicked the shutter so I didn't get his...
  8. notnamed

    Now it hits home

    ---- man. Get you and yours out and then watch it burn.
  9. notnamed

    How fast can you type?

    I got screwed up by the new words too. Third try: Didn't even see the bottom left-hand stats:
  10. notnamed

    Deal or no deal....

    The Planet and HostGator. I didn't realize ColoGuys was in Texas though, I've heard great things about them. Still... I've been to Texas, and I would never, ever live there. It'd take a lot to get me to go back at all.
  11. notnamed

    Deal or no deal....

    No deal. Because I know who some of the largest hosting firms in Texas are, I have friends who work at a few. And you don't want to.
  12. notnamed

    Conan O'Brien

    Conan and Leno aren't funny. Letterman is meh, but sometimes worth watching. Craig Ferguson is the only late-night talk show host I'd watch every night (if I had a TV).
  13. notnamed

    Body Modificaton

    Eyebrow, upper-ear cartilage, lobe, had a snake bite but I had to take it out and it closed. 1 tattoo, small, on my chest. When I get money I've got another chest tattoo that I want to get and a hip tattoo that I want.
  14. notnamed

    WTB New Phone. Kthnx.

    http://www.google.com/search?q=blackberry+downtime That is all.
  15. notnamed

    All Men - NE

    How nice, Recoil is trying to tell us the same story twice! Next time this account posts the same thing, I'm going to send it to live with my uncle and auntie in Bel Air.
  16. notnamed

    WTB New Phone. Kthnx.

    Android. Blackberry data service goes down ALL the time.
  17. notnamed

    A bit of an explanation

    Congratulations on the engagement man, and I hope the job market improves and you start getting better hours. The job situation down there was one of the (many) reasons I moved back to Indiana.
  18. notnamed

    Hey Boss!

    Happy belated birthday, my good sir.
  19. notnamed


    That really sucks. Was this stuff insured? Do you have neighbors that might have seen/heard something? If they actually used the bathroom and didn't flush, you've got DNA. Not sure the cops are going to go to the expense (and unpleasantness) of testing it, but hey, it's a start.
  20. notnamed

    weird but delicious food

    God, I wish I had a Waffle House closer than the one an hour away in Indy. There was one a few blocks from my dorm when I was living in KY. That was so fantastic.