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  1. Zeppelin

    Help - Someone started a rumor about me...

    How could someone fire hie employee because of the rumor? Even if it wasn't rumor, but reality, how is your boss and your work is connected with sigapore? As I understand they can chase you in singapore even for owning the adult website, so I think you should not worry... Anyway I liked the...
  2. Zeppelin

    Global Warming linked to CO2?

    Year 1975? I guess much has changed since that time...
  3. Zeppelin

    Whats your favorite OS

    Win XP SP3.
  4. Zeppelin

    Sept 11 conspiracy reflections

    Have you seen the south park episode, about the conspiracy? everyone knows except for us.... (Season 10 I guess)
  5. Zeppelin

    NSIS - How Many Already Knew?

    Nullsoft rules!
  6. Zeppelin

    How Long has it been...

    While someone sings Karaoke in the park... about A couple of days.
  7. Zeppelin

    It Scans But It Tells Me There's Nothing

    Get ABBYY Finereader, and forget about any problems, surely if that problem is not hidden in hardware.
  8. Zeppelin

    Craigs gone geekrack style ? :o

    Everybody might be having such issues now and then...
  9. Zeppelin

    VPS Reseller?

    Is VPS reseller about getting a dedicated server and cutting it into VPS clusters to resell them? Or you just get a few VPS packages and find clients to sell them to? If that's about the first thing then fastservers.net and serverpoint.com have this in their plans, if the second thing is...
  10. Zeppelin

    Offshore webhosting

    IWF? It made me google for it Interworking Function?
  11. Zeppelin

    Reseller vs Dedicated

    Still I think that a reselling plan has the idea of reselling behind as it usually goes with billing software, anonymous nameservers, brandable control panel and I think no need for all this stuff if you are just thinking about hosting one site.
  12. Zeppelin


    So the best would be to start with a reselling plan and learn the ropes and only then move to reselling VPSs.
  13. Zeppelin

    Offshore webhosting

    Dynash, can you explain where's illegal pirated software itself placed? Isn't it on the servers, why can't you host warez then? @Jovis: if your site visitors are in the other geographical region, there's no need to host them with thу hosting provider from the same region, it's enough to have...
  14. Zeppelin

    Offshore webhosting

    Where do people go to get a hosting company with warez hosting allowed?
  15. Zeppelin

    starting my own paid webhost

    These 10 custemers might be the toughest bit of the whole story, at least psychologically.
  16. Zeppelin

    How to tell people what overselling is?

    All Fools' Day, guys! And everything is unlimited today!
  17. Zeppelin

    How much is overselling really?

    Can you send me in the direction of a host who isn't overselling?
  18. Zeppelin

    Anyone use Webhosting pad?

    Their reviews and coupons for their services can be found every where in the Internet.
  19. Zeppelin

    Dream Host 7.5 mill mistake

    Well, that might happen to anyone here, they have refunded and apologized...
  20. Zeppelin

    VPN user

    You'd better ask their sales or support about the details.