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  1. Dean

    What happened? Why is this place so dead?

    Ah I miss this place in its prime :(
  2. Dean

    Logo Design Job - Cash in hand

    Willing to pay $50 AUD (Sorry real pov right now) Brief: logo is for my photography bus. all sorts.. babies, teens, models.. etc target: Mainly Teens, but "corporate" enough for adults colors: black and subtle colour of your choosing I kinda wanna base the logo off this -...
  3. Dean

    need chi.mp invite !

    I wouldnt mind one of these myself
  4. Dean

    Mac Filezilla Help

    Make a copy of the app.
  5. Dean

    Job Upgrade!

    My favourite bits are the $14 fans pointing at the racks. :) Enjoy the job. (not too much utub ok?)
  6. Dean

    Melbourne's Hottest Day Ever!

    130 now dead
  7. Dean

    Site like FWS

    The technical side - easy Getting thosands of users- hard
  8. Dean

    Melbourne's Hottest Day Ever!

    The speed is just amazing - Look at 1 minute 5 secs in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7klZ3_F6ekI
  9. Dean

    What is the proper way to clean LCD screen?

    Baby wipes.
  10. Dean

    Melbourne's Hottest Day Ever!

    Apprently Melbourne's Morgue is full!
  11. Dean


    You sure about that one?
  12. Dean


    Yup - Was at 5:30am
  13. Dean


    Darwin's in a different country ay? http://www.pm.gov.au/media/Release/2009/media_release_0778.cfm * Tax Bonus for Working Australians of up to $950 paid to every eligible Australian worker earning $100,000 or less. This will support up to 8.7 million individuals. * $950 Single Income...
  14. Dean


    So - The Australian Government is giving (basically) every Australian $950 in cold hard tax free cash. :evilb: So I ask you this - what would you buy with your $950? I, personally, am going to by the Six Feet Under box set, and then put the other money towards my MPB.
  15. Dean

    Pulp or No Pulp

    Only when its freshly squeezed. (No Bottle Pulp!)
  16. Dean

    Dad throws child off bridge

    [12:00:12] <sole> man [12:00:20] <sole> that bloke that threw his kid off the bridge [12:00:40] <sole> everyone giving him a hard time and saying he should be executed [12:00:48] <sole> but if it was a chick that threw the kid off the bridge [12:01:10] <sole> everyone would be understanding that...
  17. Dean

    Dad throws child off bridge

    Give him a nasty papercut! (then throw him off the bridge)
  18. Dean

    Googles Broken