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    Strange IP's

    If you have access to raw logs, you can figure out what the IP address is doing on your site. If it is not friendly - block it using htaccess or any option that your ISP provides. The IP itself didn't provide any clue though :(
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    10$ a month reseller NEEDED!!!!

    I can offer the following @ $ 14.99 / mo (A bit over your budget, but reliable and quality comes @ premium) Plan Features • 200 GB Space • 2,000 GB Transfer • 2,000 Email Accounts • Unlimited Web sites • FREE! Software • 50 MySQL Databases • Unlimited Email Forwards • Forums, Blogging...
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    Domain For £2

    I am selling .info for $1.99 @ pubdomains.com, Also .IN registrations are on a promotional offer @ pubdomains.in Paypal / Credit cards are accepted on both sites.
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    VPS wanted

    Hi, We can offer Configuration Operating System: CentOS 4 Bandwidth: 500GB Hard Drive: 20GB Control Panel: cPanel Unlimited Software: No Additional FTP Backup:10GB Ram: 256MB 1 GB Bursted Cost for 12 month hosting @ discount with features mentioned above is Just $47.51/mo Alternatively...
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    Very Unpleasant Chat

    No, lost my 5 seconds to read and discard :S
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    Looking for small but RELIABLE hosting

    Thanks for the warning. I hope you would realize and appreciate the fact that I am new to this forum - and didn't know how to edit / modify or even withdraw a post. Any reason though why you are picking up on my posts and marking it SPAM. Maybe you should learn to give time to others who are not...
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    Need reliable hosting for Joomla Site.

    My Apologies to all Pro and senior members - I don't understand though why my post is being termed as SPAM. I am new, and appreciate your constructive feedback. 1. Read his requirements 2. Then respond. I did, and thus responded. I have read TOS from adsense, and also have options to disable...
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    Whats your homepage?

    about:blank. Same reason as listed by @ notnamed.
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    Which hosts offer free TLD's

    Hi, We @ pubwebhost.com offer free registration of a TLD with annual hosting plans. However ownership of the domain remains with the host, though negotiable at the end of the year. Thanks GS
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    co.xx and com.xx

    Well not sure, because you can get TLD like .IN and then you may also procure 3rd Level TLD like .co.in or .net.in etc.
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    Need reliable hosting for Joomla Site.

    You may review free / paid plans on pubwebhost - Google ads only in the footer and no annoying pop-ups etc. for free hosting ( and yes Joomla is available using Fantastico, cPanel gives you complete control on PHP Flags - so that is not host dependent and your settings would be allowed) Paid...
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    250MB MYSQL5, PHP5 - Ad Supported

    http://www.pubwebhost.com is offering Space - 250 MB Sendmail - Enabled PHP5 MySQL5 (3 databases) Clustered Servers cPanel Fantastico to install any / all of the following Joomla / Drupal / phpBB / vbulletin / OSCommerce / Zen-Cart / PHP-NUKe and many more. Cheers GS
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    UK and AU host needed

    pubwebhost.com has servers in UK. You may check paid plan options. Thanks GS
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    Looking for small but RELIABLE hosting

    pubwebhost.com provides these at a very nominal cost. You may also try to check paid offers at pubdomains.com for other options that include 24x7 Technical and Billing support. Cheers GS
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    Well time to look at other options, .in are available for $3.99 at pubdomains.in and they still have 3 / 4 letter domains available. Cheers GS
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    DNS Report.com

    You may also try out http://www.dnscoop.com/ - with more features, though not the same as present in dnsreport.com Cheers GS
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    Have a look it's a pretty cool find!

    How accurate is the estimated value? My sites are estimated in the range of $120 - $250 and they have been in existence for a very short period (less then 90 days) Also the tool doesn't fetch results for .in domains, only .com's gave a result :s Cheers GS
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    Need Small Hosting

    pubwebhost.com 250MB Space 3 Database (MYSQL 5) PHP 5 cPanel Drupal available via fantastico. Google Ad in footer.
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    Free hosting for Non English Site

    You could review the offer @ pubwebhost.com. 250MB space - MYSQL5 (3 Database) , PHP5, Ad supported Thanks GS
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    free hosting request

    I would suggest you to try pubwebhost.com - servers are in UK, and is Ad supported with php5, and mysql5. Thnks GS