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    Cloud Storage & Sharing Options

    I have done a lot of research into cloud storage recently for two reasons: 1.) I experienced my first hard drive failure and 2.) I am a treasurer of a non profit with no physical location so we needed to find a way to store and share our documents. FTP and simple online storage is so 3 years...
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    Need Dedicated root server $70

    can you bring your bandwidth requirement down a bit? I could do 2000Gb for $99/month on a dual core xeon....
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    Some Dedi...

    sent you a PM.
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    Large Dedicated Server

    Couple offers for you: Dell 860: Quad Core Xeon, 2Gb Ram, 2x250Gb HD, 3000Gb transfer $175/month if prepaid for a year Quad Core Xeon, 2Gb Ram, 2x500Gb HD, Free Hardware Raid, 3000Gb transfer $225/month if prepaid for a year Dell 1950 Quad Core Dual Xeon 2.0, 4Gb Ram, 2x500Gb HD...
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    Cheapest Webhosting Ever - 99% Uptime Guarantee or your money back!

    Hello everyone! We have just retooled our shared and reseller hosting, I think you will like! TVGHosting has been in business since 2003 and we would like to offer you some great shared hosting offers. We have been around a long time and have found a way to offer extremely affordable...
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    Looking for a new webhost but want more..

    Those offers are good, this offer is better. TVGHosting has been in business since 2003. Our current shared box has had 99.97%+ uptime for over the last year (see report below). Our Reseller Hosting 3 plan: 19.99 ✮ 30Gb of diskspace ✮ 400,000MB of transfer ✮ PHP4.x, MySQL4.x and...
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    I need reseller accounts!

    They have not been around for a year. Most hosts like this load up a server, get into trouble, then go out of business. Consider the average dedicated server that gets 1000-2000Gb of transfer, at 200Gb per account, they can sell 10 accounts which is $70/month. So either they are on a very cheap...
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    Some powerful dedicated server...

    Let me know if this would work for you: Quad Core Xeon - Dell 860 4Gb Ram 20 IPs (required Arin justification approval, if for VPS would be fine) 2x250Gb HD Hardware Raid Card (Raid0, Raid1...) 10Mbps Dedicated Unmetered port, burstable or capped $290/month no set up fee, no...
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    looking hosting my server

    Yup, read the post. This is a managed server from both what the DC offers and what our support staff will offer. Offer price subject to change at any time when promotion ends (you always keep your price when ordering a server, but this offer may not always be available). If you would like to...
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    looking hosting my server

    While the "unlimited" portion of your request is not actually something a legit host can provide you, here are two offers in your price range. Pentium 4 1.5GHz :: 512Mb Ram :: 40Gb HD :: 2000Gb Transfer :: $49/month :: No Setup Fee Celeron 2.4GHz :: 512Mb Ram :: 60Gb HD :: 2000Gb Transfer...
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    Webhosting reseller needed. Must accept Paypal.

    If you prepay for 6 months at a time we can do: 50Gb Disk Space 200Gb Bandwidth $9.95 .com/net/org domain name reselling free Free .com/net/org with the hosting $20/month Please email or PM me for a custom order link if you are interested.
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    Dedicated Server Blowout!! Free cPanel + 2 months 1/2 off!!!

    Happy Presidents Day! Bankers, enjoy your day off! On the following 4 servers only we are offering free cPanel, Interworx, or Direct Admin WITH NO SETUP FEES!! Just mention Free cPanel offer in the special notes and which CP you would like installed to receive your free CP. Do not select it...
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    Servers in Central USA ? (Dallas maybe ?)

    I can do a P4 3.0GHz with HyperThreading, 1Gb Ram, 2x160Gb Hard Disks, 1Tb of transfer. $70/month Network :: Level3, WVFIBER, IFN Location :: South Bend IN Ping :: Test File :: 10MB File :: Our Network :: We are strategically located in the heart of the US getting...
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    Seeking a solid deal, low budget

    cm90, We can do a PentiumD 3.0, 2gb ram, 250gb disk space, 2000gb transfer $75/month plus $25 for windows standard = $100/month DC = Scranton, PA or PentiumD 2.8Gb 2Gb ram, 2x160Gb hard disk with free Raid0 or Raid1, 1500Gb transfer for $94/month + $25/month for windows standard = $119/month...
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    server for multiplayer gaming

    Hello charbz, i replied at another forum i think but just in case, here are a couple offers for you: These 2 servers should meet your needs P4 1.5GHz, 512MB ram, 40Gb hard disk, 2000GB transfer per month for $45/month or Celeron 2.4GHz, 512MB ram, 60Gb hard disk, 2000GB transfer per...
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    VPS or small dedicated server

    Hello Tang, TVGHosting has been in business since 2003. We cannot provide proof of uptime for a dedicated server as each server is managed by the end user (and do not offer VPS at this time) but I can show you one of our shared boxes:: UPTIME HERE. I am guessing you want this more for a VPS...
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    Server Takeover

    Hey all I have 2 boxes that are priced below our website and ready for a free os reinstall of your choice. These boxes are racked and ready for takeover as soon as payment is verified. First Box: Dell 440 PentiumD 2.8Ghz for $96/month, no set up, no contracts. Box has 1Gb ram and 160Gb...
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    Looking for budget dedicated servers for resale

    Crissic Solutions you own a DC or do you colo a few racks?
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    Dual CPU, Dual Core Opteron (4 cores) :: Free cPanel :: Free 2nd HD :: 1200 Transfer

    Better deal already? Yes, we just got a better deal already on our Dell 440 Dell 440 Dual Core PentiumD 2.8GHz ✮ 1024MB DDR-2 RAM ✮ 160GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive ✮ 1200GB Data Transfer ✮ Premium Tier 1 Bandwidth (Time Warner, Level3, AT&T, TelCove) ✮ 100Mbps Now comes with 100Mbps...