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    Affordable SEO services?

    If you have enough time it is certainly better to optimize your website yourself because it is cheaper and you can invest the money you save on other things (site design, hosting, new features) but if you don't have enough time it is certainly better to hire a SEO company to do the work for you...
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    Are you buying links?

    No, personally I don't believe that buying backlinks worth the investment because PR and the number of backlinks is just one of the many ranking factors and the content is more important so I rather hire article writes for less money and I will have better rankings plus I will not risk (read...
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    Hyphen or Underscore

    When buying a domain you should think about many things in order to find the best domain for your website: 1) Will my visitors like it? 2) Is it easy to remember? 3) Does it sound professional? 4) Will this break/help my seo? It is certainly better to have hyphen ("-") in your domain name...
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    Wasted domains

    I would suggest to develop them because you could sell many of them for very high price. Not all of them in the same time, develop them one by one. For example spend a week by developing a domain. Build a blog/forum or something related to the domain and try to attract visitors. There are many...
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    $5 domain sold for $350

    It is nice to see that other people are earning money from re-selling domains too. For me it isn't surprising to get such e-mail because I earn 70% of my online income by buying domains and than increasing their ranking (usually by building a site on them and link building) than I resell the...
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    cz.cc account

    To be honest I wouldn't recommend you to use cz.cc because: 1) It is well known Many of the serious internet visitors know that .cz.cc is free and if you want to run a serious website it is not a good idea to not invest at least in the domain name. 2) You can loose the ownership over the...
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    .co domains

    I have ordered the .co version of the domain only for my main project, mainly because of the price. 25$ is too much for a domain, and if it costs 25$ on GoDaddy let's not talk about other sites where the prices are at least 20% higher. (Well... I'm sure there are some registrars who offer .co...
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    List of cheap domain registrars

    So far I believe GoDaddy is the cheapest domain registrar because they usually have at least 10 active promotion codes and usually you can get a .com domain for less than 8$ so yes, GoDaddy is the site you need if you want really cheap domains. The only problem with GoDaddy is that they are...
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    Cheap enough?

    I have to agree with you. Most cheap domain registrars use this strategy to get the money out of the clients, but hey it is easy to avoid them. If they are ICANN accredited registrar (and usually nobody registers on a non-ICANN registrar) they should state the price of the domain renewal...
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    looking for adult hosting

    I agree with the others, for these requirements you will need to pay at least 40$ monthly (if not more), cPanel license costs 15$/m+DDoS protection is expensive too.
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    zonim.com - Your opinions?

    Well I like the domain name but I don't think it is very special, you can still get more than the reg fee for it. :)
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    About a Free Subdomain Registration

    Well this depends on the domain registrar because they have different staff and different rules. You should contact them by e-mail or phone because they're the only one who can give you answer unleash you tell us the name of your domain registrar because the users may have experience with them. :)
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    Urgent Help Needed (nameserver)- Please give a resolution - Really I need solution

    Try dns flush and ask your clients to do the same, sometimes the dns is cached and windows is not willing to update it but you can send out a mass mail to your clients. I agree with this, you should use only licensed script else you can get a DMCA takedown notice and you will have to pay...
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    Cheap enough?

    I agree with the others, 8.5$ for a domain is very cheap. I wish you luck and many customers. :)
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    The cheapest domain registrar

    I agree with you, GoDaddy has many great promotions and you can get a .com for less than 7$. :)
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    Domain pricing gone nuts.

    GoDaddy has nice promotion so you can buy the domain for less than 10$ (actually even 7$) and they are a big and trusted company. I have registered more than 20 domains with them. :)
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    Free .com domains at 1and1

    I've already got my domain and it is a nice promotion because newbie webmasters can get their own TLD domain for free and in 1 years than can monetize it so paying the domain renewal fee will not be a problem. :)