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  1. K

    htc touch written by spb?

    Is htc touch software written by spb? The home tabs, weather, task man, etc look so much like spb mobile/pocket plus/weather. They have the same 'touch' scroll on the same limited areas. spb mobile doesn't have the cube but it has a similar menu system.
  2. K

    DVD player

    I just inherited a DVD player - Tedelex te 116 Except it's not my country's region! I have no idea what region it is. Google shows one post forum.ecoustics.com/ asking about unlocking it but no answers. http://www.dvdexploder.com/ doesn't have this brand. Tedelex website doesn't have...
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    Say I have a camera that takes 1000x1000 pictures, and I only want a 500x500 pic. Will it simply use every 2nd pixel only, or will it take a 1000x1000 and rescale it down? Or am I better off taking a 1000x1000 and scaling it in photoshop?
  4. K


    I have an ipaq 4150 (ppc2003). Recently, when I turn on the wifi it warns me using a PC card will drain the battery greatly, and confirm whether to continue. Thing is wifi is built in. It has never asked me this before and I'm not sure what I did recently. Any ideas?
  5. K


    Anyone recommend a Good antivirus that isn't like a nazi? I use Trend now, and when I was finding info on getting my XP key on the web before reformatting due to a virus (which it couldn't detect), it blocked the sites as dangerous. It also blocks any sites that have process info. Eg I...
  6. K

    can't click start menu

    well did reformat. :|
  7. K

    can't click start menu

    Also, maybe not related, but fonts stuffed. eg Task manager, the headers instead of 'user name' it would say 'us*****me' where the * seem to be taking characters from wingding or symbol. Seems like fonts corrupted?
  8. K

    can't click start menu

    It seems mostly fixed. But PC very slow. Sometimes explorer takes 20-30s open new folder. Lots of HD activity sometimes when nothing should be doing anything. And sometimes, can't click start menu again. Checking autoruns shows nothing.
  9. K

    can't click start menu

    AV shows nothing, adaware etc shows nothing. In the end stopped it using recovery console command line. Disturbed that Safe mode is no longer 'safe' nowadays...
  10. K

    can't click start menu

    AV can't find it. In fact I've found the 2(?) files responsible. Problem is they are 'in use' by winlogon.exe and lsass.exe, both system files. I can't delete them. Autoruns by sysinternals shows them. Tried to delete the startups, but the winlogon.exe and lsass.exe recreates them every...
  11. K

    can't click start menu

    think I have some virus. there was a popup wanting me to buy some software, which I got rid of, and deleted a rogue avp.exe file and strange folder in \program files\ Deleted these from registry run keys. but still something wrong, PC very slow, can't click anything on taskbar, and gf who...
  12. K

    Outlook 2007

    is there a way to set the size of the font used in Outlook 2007 interface? names of the folders, preview for the mail items, they are all too small
  13. K

    unformat SD card

    Is there a way to unformat a digicam SD card?
  14. K

    Linksys wifi

    What do you mean by broadcast traffic? My dsl modem is a 4port router in itself, so I assume this already is catching all of the broadcast traffic? My WRT is on its own subnet.
  15. K

    Linksys wifi

    I got a new router WRT45G about 1mth ago. But sometimes my connection to it drops out and I have to restart the router to get anything. Restarting the PC wifi doesn't help. Any ideas why? My PC is using ASUS P5B DELUXE builtin wifi.
  16. K


    I heard you can get Wii to play DVD using some special software, but I can't find info?
  17. K

    Game Performance, Vista vs. XP?

    On some FSX forums they also say a very sig. drop, enuf to justify dual booting..
  18. K

    Seamonkey ubuntu

    I'm a new user to ubuntu. I installed Seamonkey and it was fine but didn't have the jre installed. I fiddled around and installed the jre in the package manager. Noticing it was 1.4 vs 1.5 already in the menu, I uninstalled it.:confused4 No matter. I rebooted and found Seamonkey would...
  19. K

    problem accessing router

    I am using a static IP. I have tried easy, firmware, 'hard reset' to defaults, giving the wrt a static IP on the router/modem. Now I:m working off a cable to modem. Wrt can't see modem whether I'm in wifi or cable.
  20. K

    Mozilla email

    I'm using IMAP email, and marking mail as deleted instead of moving to trash. However, I cannot find a place to 'purge' deleted as in Outlook. What do I do with the mail?