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    Good Billing Solution?

    Smart... They do other payments other then credit and debit cards what was what I was trying to get past..... :-)
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    Wasted domains

    Give them away like I do some times. Or do what eSupun put.
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    Apple Vs. Microsoft - But this time...

    Yes I did :o
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    Apple Vs. Microsoft - But this time...

    O not this crap again..... All I have to say is both have there good sides and bad but if it was not for a PC there would be no Apple.... O burn.....
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    Your First Operating System?

    My first OS was a box when I was 3. (Best PC ever) Joking a side my first OS was 95 and now vista... (I know would be better with the box... ) But to day I get 2 MAC computers YAY me = /
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    Good Billing Solution?

    Humm last time I looked WHMCS did paypal payments?
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    iPhone 4G

    http://gizmodo.com/5520877/open-gal/ Looks like another phone to me i did not know apple where going to do a removal battery?
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    iPhone 4G

    HAHAHAHAHA Ya right i do not think apple would be this dumb to let this out the bag compared to how they are on news and junk that comes out of apple. There most likely just be another one after it 4GS maybe? to wast more money when things that other smart phones have, just other smart phone...
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    Apple iPad

    For me its a wast of money but the big thing that dose it for me is not supporting flash even when adobe bring support to the flash player for smart phones. Big mistake by apple saying they will not support it. Have no idea what apple problem is with supporting it but its there loss.
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    How many clients did you satisfy? and how many left your service?

    No most where moved over from other domains that where giving hosting on other reseller accounts we had from HighLayer and BounceWeb and moving a few paid clients from Atspace and CabSpace a old host that i use to help run [I did not own this host only helped run it as i know the owner did a bit...
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    Good Billing Solution?

    Try HostBill we have been using them for the past 4 mouths now and they have all the features WHMCS dose but more. And it comes with better support.
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    Why DCs in UK are so expensive?

    Depends on what UK host you go with most do rob you but shop a round you will find some very good UK daterceneters.
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    Adult host with ffmpeg

    We can offer you are pro hosting plan. * 100 GB of premium storage * 1500 GB Transfer * FFmpeg Hosting * Host unlimited individual sites * Unlimited account features * cPanel/Fantastico * $3.00 p/month order here
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    Y! Free Web Hosting - Hosting/Reseller FFmpeg Hosting - Free or P2H with no ads.

    We have our free plans together now. We just had to modified some free plans to stop abuse and add new ones for the ones that will not abuse it, but I do under stand it being a pain when we change them. Like I put to the other client if your a past client of Y! Free Web we will give you a free...
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    What could help you?

    I know we are going to do free .info on all free plans later this year and all free TLDs for paid. And WHMCS free for all paid resellers. You could offer the same type of thing but it depends on how much money you have and if you want to wast it.
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    Story of abuser

    You could try a DMCA to his/hers datercenter/host as you do have copyright on word HostBaker? File a complaint with the search engines to make them stop directing traffic to the copycat site. Other then that the is not a lot you can do about it with out there being a trademark.
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    Y! Free Web Hosting - Hosting/Reseller FFmpeg Hosting - Free or P2H with no ads.

    You where on the old billing that was fixed 2 weeks ago. You would have to re singup if you want. And i do not see any support request for that URL. But if you would like hosting again ask in are support and they will give you the free upgrade on top of the free hosting. It will most...
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    Y! Free Web Hosting - Hosting/Reseller FFmpeg Hosting - Free or P2H with no ads.

    What is your URL or what was your URL hosted at Y! Free Web Hosting and i will look over the chat logs. Because all staff where told to tell clients only to re singup when our billing problem was fixed. And no accounts have been removed to day apart from vanky.biz what was done like 20 mins ago...
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    Y! Free Web Hosting - Hosting/Reseller FFmpeg Hosting - Free or P2H with no ads.

    There was a cause we had a few billing problems with WHMCS/iPanel. We had problems with bugs with in iPanel what are still there but we have turned off ticket support and other things until its fixed. When we where updated to WHMCS there was a email sent to all free clients telling you that...