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    Low cost design/coding work

    Hi I'm looking at building up an online portfolio and am therefore offering my services at a low cost. All jobs will be given a custom quote relative to the amount of work that can be expected to be done. Skills Html CSS Java (limited) PHP (limited) Mysql (limited) Current Work...
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    Free servers from Byzhosting.com

    Vegs, any chance of reading through my application at all? I've been trying to send it to you since the 17th, but your inbox has been full since then.
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    Low-cost hosts & reliability

    If you're after a UK host, I'd recommend taking a look at: http://unitedhosting.co.uk/ Although probably not as cheap as the hosts you were looking at, they have a very good reputation and can offer reasonable prices due to their servers being located in the US. On another note, when...
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    Help!! for professionals only

    The problem isn't solely regarded to bandwidth. A forum of that size is going to be extremely CPU intensive. I don't think any shared hosting plan would be able to support it. But as you haven't got the site up and running yet, I'd recommend hunting around for a smaller plan, with a company...
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    Help!! for professionals only

    Its unlikely to be.
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    Help!! for professionals only

    Its about the cheapest dedicated server you'll find around at the moment. If you want to be able to sustain 200 people on your forum at once, then you're gonna have to fork out a fair amount of money. Unless of course when you say 200 people, do you mean you have 200 forum members, rather...
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    Hosting myself?

    Alternatively you could use a decent piece of ftp server software for the videos/mp3s, which would generally be a lot easier to install and manage compared to Apache.
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    how to signup at netian.com

    The link does not work for me. Are you sure that's the right address?
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    Free servers from Byzhosting.com

    Today's the day, but I haven't been able to get my application in for the last 2 days due to a full inbox. I hope Mr Vegs decides to analyse the ideas of those applicants who posted in here before the deadline. If not, good luck to all those who entered and may you enjoy the use of the...
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    Please review my website www.polygonos.com

    Its nice to see you've removed the phpbb copyright at the bottom of your forums.
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    Free servers from Byzhosting.com

    I would just like to confirm my application. Edit:// Your PM box is now full, and you have disabled the e-mail function. I have my application waiting here ready, so if there is an alternative means of contact, just post in here and I'll send the application to another location. Regards...
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    Best HTML Editor

    Dreamweaver MX
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    Another Update

    Just created the forums for my site. What do you think of them? The link for the forums is: http://sahnforums.co.uk/
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    Another Update

    Well I've been working on your suggestion. I've created a design with a fully fixed width (for both header and content). This is viewable here . I'm currently working on a full 100% width design. So hopefully I'll have that done in a couple of hours. Then you can compare them.
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    Another Update

    I posted a few weeks back with a design I had. I've now completely re-worked it. If you could give me your opinions, I would be grateful. Old design: http://www.sahn.co.uk/index2.php New design http://www.sahn.co.uk/sahn%20development/ The new design requires a extra image for the...
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    Are you using layers. In my opinion, thats a big no no. Very hard to get them to work properly in all browsers and resolutions. As mentioned already, you need to get a more coherent layout going, and introduce some colour.
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    Update for Sahn.co.uk

    The routing issues appear to be sorted now. Therefore the page should now be viewable once again.
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    Update for Sahn.co.uk

    The host is having major routing issues which as a result, allows some people to view the site and not others. The host is currently looking into it. Typical really. Luckily I still have full access to the site via ftp and the web, but my fellow co-webmasters don't, so its becoming extremely...
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    Update for Sahn.co.uk

    Right, I completely re-wrote the code, a couple a new image and now the page is looking a bit better in my opinion. What do you reckon?