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    Looking for a simple file hosting site (preferably no registration)

    you want a website hosting or filehosting ? i dont think even a paid host can accept all that.
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    Free hosting request: cPanel, mySQL, PHP, Fantastico, phpMyAdmin, FTP, .htaccess, Oth

    you can get all those features including .htaccess and phpini on hostafia.net (no fantastico, softaculous) on hostmafia.net ,which is post2host . plans . We are not resellers, we own our servers.
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    SEO dead or alive

    there are always something new happening in seo, but i dont think it will ever be dead.
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    Free Leech Host ?

    what are your bandwidth and space needs? do you own a domain ? I have a vps lying idle, maybe i can give it to you.
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    Any post to host free hosting service.

    you may try HostMafia.net free offshore hosting post2host service. HM is running for over 1.5years, and we own our servers,we donot resell. there are many options not available in even some paid hosts. you can check our server status on http://www.uptime.lostonthe.net/
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    need free hosting that alow me to ..

    If you dont upload them to your hosting, than many of offshore hosting providers will not have any problem in hosting you. look into free hosting offers forum.
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    FREE Top-Level Domains! (.Com .Org .Net etc.)

    Many people cannot buy the domains for themselves. (kids,no cards or other reasons.) As for domain transfer, i guess domains are only transferable after some time (3months?) of their registration. i also run similar free domain offer. Where people earn HMD virtual currency,and than buy the...
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    hostmafia.net website is hosted on different server than the member's websites. our hosting server is in Germany.
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    well, i must state clearly that hostmafia donot allow warez hosting. But our servers are situated thus that they follow the law. Even google links to piratebay and other warez sites. You must understand that you have right to express. I am against the strict internet laws that are...
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    HostMafia.net : Free OffShore web Hosting ( cPanel/WHM )

    offshore hosting is costly. though you can acquire a reseller plan through HMD (hostmafia dollars- our virtual currency). you can even get free domain names (.com/.net) though HMD. search in our forums for more info.
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    WHMCS Post2Host Module

    well,if he is gone, than you cannot get it from there :P if you want, there might be some people who still have this module. although there are thehostingtool and ipanel out there who have more or less same function.
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    offshore hosting usually means limited freedom of content. like warez linking, where host donot istop clients from posting rapidshare etc links.
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    The first name you registered?

    i registered highlycompreesedgames.net in 2004-05, not sure about the time. it was for my blogger blog, which was getting nice traffic, i baught it from my first adsense income :P. its obsolete now.
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    HostMafia.net : Free OffShore web Hosting ( cPanel/WHM )

    Hello All , HostMafia (http://hostmafia.net/) is one of the most famous web hostings on the net. We donot resell, we have our own server in Netherlands (through servedome.com ). we are offering free offshore hosting. (Post2Host) HostMafia.net (http://hostmafia.net/) Our Forum...
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    Dedicated Server! ( Selling) - 30-70 USD!

    Ah, its clear now. sardinesrule, do you have anything to say?
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    Long domain names.

    if you are making a niche or keyword targeted site, than its better to use a domain with all keywords in it,rather than using an easy domain name. There is no fix rule, you choose the domain based on ur goal. I would rather register a domain long enough to have my keywords and short enough to...
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    The first name you registered?

    at first, i made a gaming website, with name of gamejungle.net, that was my first domain name, and it was too expensive at that time, must have been before 2005, i was 16 back than :P
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    Free templates and on-page SEO

    using a common template should not decrease your ur seo, however,whatever template you use, the working and signature of wordpress are lawys quite common and visible, so if this is true that common templates decrease search position, than wordpress
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    AdBrite Vs Clicksor

    adbrite gives better payments than Clicksor for me, but clicksor gives paypal option, whereas adbrite only sends check. clicksor somehow increases my bounce rate for unknown reason.