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    Help to choose

    Have you ever asked Google why they are not approving your website ;)
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    What is the best payment gateway ?

    IMO Google checkout is better as it charges only 1.5% credit card processing fees also paypal will be the same if your monthly receipts in paypal goes above £50k whereas you 2Checkout charges more.
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    Need auto Direcotry Submitter

    Google.com would be very helpful for you ;) just search for what you are looking for...
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    Help choosing best ad program

    Sorry my mistake..... double post:(
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    Are you invest in doman names?

    You can consider booking domains is my hobby.... whenever i get some good domain name which may have potential i try to grab it. I dont think it as a investment rather i try to get them, develop them and may sell them for good price ;)
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    alternative to name.com

    What you pay is what you get.....if you go for cheaper domain registrar you may get CHEAP service, after all Domain name is your identity and is the matter of concern. Difference of 1-2 $ / year should not a big issue to think over it.
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    What is the best of paying, Abrite or Infolinks?

    Never used infolinks so cant predict about it, had used Abrite but I don’t pay as good as Adsense. Thus my vote for Adsense ;)
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    need your help

    As you are having huge traffic why don't you get into banner advertisement by charging few $$ for a month, there are thousands of webmaster who always search for such heavy traffic forums where they can advertise about their site/service. IMO just forget PPC and get into Banner advertisements...
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    Help choosing best ad program

    My vote goes for Adsence, it pays more as compare to Adbrite, though Adsence have many dos and don'ts ;)
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    Using a Domain with Multiple Resellers

    Are both reseller hosting accounts are on same server with same host ? or with different host ?
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    How to transfer?

    Not sure if this will help you help you ;) you can gzipp entire database through phpMyAdmin and just restore it back at new location.
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    Hosting Business = Cash?

    Today, Webhosting business is much more competitive, you should study your market before investment. Initially you will have to reduce extra expenses and will have to concentrate on getting more visitors and conversion. you can start with some fantastic offer such as " buy 1 get 1 free " lol...
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    whmcs order page display problem

    I would advice you to get in touch with suport staff of WHMCS, they would help you in more better way ;)
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    What are the risks of giving cPanel access to a total stranger?

    IMO if you go for managed server hosting package you are more safe and dont have to worry for you server security.
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    i need a free hosting!!! plz..

    Yeah, even most paid hosting service provider wont allow you PROXY hosting on their servers, i dont think you will ever get any free host allowing PROXY Hosting. For your hosting requirements you will have to consider PAID Hosting and not FREE HOSTING ;) may be someone can offer you hosting...
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    HOw does this website earn

    Honestly i will never rely on FREE HOSTING services rather i will look for cheap paid hosting package, you can hope and can keep faith on your host ;) I had very bad experience using FREE HOSTING service :( You can get normal/small hosting plan for few dollar/year so why to run behind FREE...