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    instant activation, 1GB space, 12GB bandwidth + extras

    Unfortunately we don't have jailshell, so no. Patching in a django project manager is on my todo list though. The site is actually part of a larger project (control panel development) and obviously we need users to stress test (stress testing only, we run BETA with other users who know their in...
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    instant activation, 1GB space, 12GB bandwidth + extras

    Hey, promoting my site 12gig.com here! Features: Instant activation No adverts Free subdomain (you can bring your own TLD) None of that layeredpanel bs! custom .htaccess files! safe mode off! custom error pages PHP 5 5 mysql databases 5 FTP accounts 99% uptime 1024mb space...
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    review my skin!

    Haha, well observed :) It's currently running on a VM on my laptop while I sort out some extra features (I have to code a new file manager and I need to write a billing app plugin) but I'll have something up next month. thanks!
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    Your First Operating System?

    win 98, I was late to the game. VMing linux/mac/win at the moment. (linux server, mac for unix/coding, win for spreadsheets 'n' ----)
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    review my skin!

    yeh, but I need a panel based upon virtual users (allows for maximum user density per server) so cpanel isn't really an option, 99% sure it's based upon system users? (correct me if I'm wrong)
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    What are you listening to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9yGcKlYAiw also, @printinghost stereo love is a beast of a song :)
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    review my skin!

    I'm starting up a free host on ISPconfig (I've come to the conclusion it's the best free hosting platform). But the design sucks, so I brewed up something custom. What your looking at is functional (except the statistics on the right). Thoughts? Thanks!
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    new adverting site launched...

    Very nice, love the register/login slider, I will definitely be purloining that idea! :)
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    Need code possible Javascript

    So basically you want to execute some php without reloading the page? AJAX is your answer for the code itself, for the main page you just need a basic SELECT query.
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    kloxo, openbasedir?

    CS_Squad, the vulnerability I assume your talking about (the one that lead to the owners suicide) was actually his gmail getting compromised. Not that there arn't issues though. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to look into a NTFS setup. I'm not a huge fan either, the source is a mess (it's...
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    kloxo, openbasedir?

    Anyone here got any experience with kloxo (formally lxadmin)? I'm looking to start a free host using it as a base and I wanted to see what others experiences have been. Also, if users are not being run as individual users on the OS what does that mean for safemode (It's being removed from PHP...