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    Disable autostart on music player

    Oops, I think it's because I'm using Flock browser, that's why is doesn't show for me. Yeah, but in IE, it works alright. Thanks! :-)
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    Disable autostart on music player

    The player doesn't show now...
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    Disable autostart on music player

    Although I have set the autostart and loop to "false", the music still continues to start automatically. There's nothing wrong with the following code, isn't it? <p class="sidebar">Jukebox</p> <p><center><em>Press [Play] button to start</em><br> <embed...
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    Review please... =)

    Comments are welcomed for my personal site @ http://www.choosingdestiny.org/ . And I need advice on replacing the greenish-blue bar with something more stylish...
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    Mp3 player, but disallow downloads

    Is there any good mp3 player scripts to embed on my site, but downloading is not allowed?
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    Wierd files and folder appearing when a folder is created/copied

    I encounter this recently in my external hard disk drive. When I create a new folder or copy it, wierd files/folders appeared. (Click thumbnails for screenshot) I tried deleting them, but it says: What are those files/folders? How do I get rid of them?
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    PHP in Blogger?

    No sorry...this doesn't work for me...
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    PHP in Blogger?

    Hm, pretty confused here. So I currently have my index page as index.php, so I'll have to add <? include('blogpage.php'); ?>? Or should the page be in HTML?
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    PHP in Blogger?

    Nope, it doesn't work when I change the archive's extension to .php. Is this the right way to do?
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    PHP in Blogger?

    Blogger by default publish blog entries in .html. However, all pages in my site are in .php, so I can't get Blogger to publish my entries.
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    PHP in Blogger?

    Bump... Anyone knows?
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    PHP in Blogger?

    I don't know if I am posting in the right board...but I just want to know how can I publish my entries from Blogger in .php?
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    Free Whois Lookup Tool

    I always use these: www.betterwhois.com www.dnsstuff.com
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    any singaporean offer?

    I recommend CyberAxis. They're having a S$6 .org domain (for the first year) till 31 December 2006. They have great and friendly support, and are reliable too. I currently have 2 domains under them and have no problems at all. =) And I'm a Singaporean too. =)
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    Good and free news publishing script?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good and free news publishing script for my site. It must have fairly high-customization and integration code. Any recommendations?
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    WHM Help: Moving folders from one account to another

    I dont know if this is the right forum for me to post this... =/ I'm very new to reseller hosting and just bought from a host recently. I've imported all my files and database from the previous host to the current one. But I don't know how to move folder from the main account to the new ones...
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    Email: Unauthorized access to your PayPal account!

    Hey! God helped me! The password I entered last night was wrong, because I mixed up my password. Phew, but I'm still going to change my password still. *wipes sweat off forehead*
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    Email: Unauthorized access to your PayPal account!

    Did anyone received this e-mail from service@paypal.com ? I received this e-mail from "PayPal": And the wierd thing is that when I click the link, the URL is: <<Snipped>> . I login through this URL and nothing happens. So I login through www.paypal.com but the login failed. This is a...
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    Small hosting

    I need -80MB of space -800MB of bandwidth -PHP and MySQL Preferably no ads/postings. Thanks!
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    Layout/design! Need improvement.

    Hmm....re-designed... =D