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    I love the PS3, does great as a streaming media device, and has the Blu-ray player in it.
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    IP Geolocation

    I have geo location on, but only basically tracking for future purposes. For instance, if one country has a 98% problem rate, I may look into manually approving those accounts.
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    What Ad companies do you suggest using?

    As an advertiser on Adsense, I can tell you that a decent amount of time is spent reviewing sites that send traffic to me. I have to assume that other advertisers do this as well, and this likely means you are just as likely to be reported by an advertiser for begging for clicks as you are...
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    Start a freehost, and I'll do the work for you for free!

    Thanks for your interest! The panel is a custom panel made for the service itself. It's very easy to use however, and features will be added as time goes on. The legal content is true, pretty much as long as it does not break any laws in the United States/State of Illinois, you'll be fine...
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    Any Way To Make Money Off A Forum From A Free Host

    Have you thought about linking to adult advertisers where your users can sign up under your affiliate links? I wish I would have thought about this earlier as I have a few users turning over about $1,000 a month and it would have been nice to have a % bonus of that.
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    Start a freehost, and I'll do the work for you for free!

    Have you wanted to test out the waters of running your own free host, but not wanted all the hassle of securing hosting, setting up the service, providing the support, or worrying about anything other than recruiting members and making money? I have your solution! All you need is a domain...
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    Do free hosting services make any money.

    I have 2 hosts on my service I personally talk to regularly who make a decent chunk of money off of their free hosts. One is an adult free host, and he does pretty well with dating advertisements. The other is pretty targeted to fans of a baseball team, and he has had good luck with selling...
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    I'm officially American now

    Usually you don't have lawyers in small claims court. From what I remember, the cap on small claims is around $7,500 in most states, so it's a court to fill the need of small disputes where the lawyer fees would exceed winnings.
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    You know, I was going to tell you to maybe try reinstalling, but noticed when I tried to login to post the comment that FF had conveniently forgotten my password as well. I'll get back to you if I figure it out ;)
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    I agree that they probably fail because the owner loses interest. With how cheap servers and bandwidth are nowadays, you're talking a 10 dollar a month account. That's 2 McDonald's value meals, assuming you can't make any of that back in advertising cost.
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    Free webhosts - how do they survive?

    I've ran freehosts in the past, and for the most part it was not as horrible as you'd think. I took a different approach than most do, however. When I ran ads, I would research each site getting decent traffic, and target the ads to that site's content. In this way, I became an advertising...
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    To SSH Or Not To SSH?

    I agree completely on the second bit, and it's not necessarily malicious intent, they just may not know what potential dangers there are. As for the people who do not want to give out SSH, I think they're probably talking about a regular SSH account, not a jailed account. Regular accounts can...
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    Start your own freehost in 5 minutes: Beta

    Completely Free! Today is the informal launch of Kwiipo, where you can give users theirname.yourdomain.com hosting. New features and improvements are still coming frequently, but if you want to get in on the ground floor and start giving away free webhosting without any investment of any kind...
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    To SSH Or Not To SSH?

    Yes and no. The thing is, with most scripting languages offering a "system" command, you can essentially do anything you could at a shell prompt right in a php script. This is even scarier than offering SSH, as at least with SSH2, you're dealing with an encrypted program. With a php script...
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    To SSH Or Not To SSH?

    Well to be a bit more specific, once you chroot jail an SSH session, you're dealing with a command line that basically cannot do anything yet. Because of this, you will have to copy the apps you want them to have access to over to their directory. This is a blessing and a curse, it means you...
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    Check to make sure you haven't set it to clear all personal information every time you close FF.
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    Google Adsense

    Close your browser and retry? It could be something on your end.
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    Best Free Forum Software

    What I like about PHPBB is that most hosts with an auto-installer support it, so you know that a good number of places you go won't have the headache of learning, for instance, a new operating system.
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    To SSH Or Not To SSH?

    You're fairly safe as far as what they can access goes. It's considered generally safe for paid hosting, so if you are screening your users there shouldn't be a problem.
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    up-sell rant

    The worst part about putting items in an online shopping cart is they will often put default upgrades in there that you have to actually remove. You go to buy something for $2.99, and you see "Add-on (recommended $1.99)" or something similar automatically added.