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    Right mouse clicking

    Here is the link which will help you to disable right click on your image http://www.w3schools.com/dhtml/dhtml_examples.asp But I think its not worth disabling a right click on images as it may be helpful only in cases of dumb people not in the case of professionals.
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    Gary Speed Dies at 42

    Its not that they(police) are hiding any news from media its just that it hasn't been found till yet why he took his own life.
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    1,111,111 posts!

    Wow thats something special congrats Peo and Jan.
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    Gary Speed Dies at 42

    The Man who has played for teams like Everton, Leeds, Newcastle, and few other epl teams, also who was the first man to play 500 games in the English Premier League, the youngest member of the midfield that carried Leeds to its most recent league title in 1992 and now recently the manager of...
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    My pc shutdown by itself.

    Are you able to start your PC again?? If not there might be many reasons why your pc isn't working like maybe the power switch is not well attached to the motherboard, or have you checked your processor fan? Many computers will automatically shut down if the processor fan stops or any other...
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    Predict your Euro2012 winner?

    With 16 teams now confirmed after the final qualifying playoffs which happened on Tuesday who do you think will win or have a chance to win Euro2012?
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    Place to learn Cake PHP

    Download a CakePHP PDF tutorials CakePHP From Novice to Professional from this link http://www.4shared.com/document/id1FCyic/Beginning_CakePHP_From_Novice_.html It will help you to learn everthing starting from installing CakePHP to developing CakePHP applications. Also check this video...
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    Should reputation be anonymous or not?

    Guys how can one know about the person who has given him + or - rep??
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    Tips on Web Design

    Try http://mgmt.noupe.com/ and http://net.tutsplus.com these site will not only improve your coding but will also help you to build a great website.
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    Whois information?

    No the Whois information doesn't remains same you need to re-entered your Whois information from Control Panel.
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    Woot! Listed!

    Congratulations and well done Sain Cai :-)
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    Did you liked the Facebook Timeline?

    Even I don't sit on facebook a lot guys. I came to know about Timeline few days ago from my friend. Anyway here is the link which will tell you what is Timeline https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline here is the link which help you to activate it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWxrXyHn_a4
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    Did you liked the Facebook Timeline?

    Just loved the new feature of the Facebook "Timeline". Have you started using it??If yes please tell if you liked it or not?
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    The HAHA Thread

    hahahaha nice1 deanhills
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    The HAHA Thread

    Teacher: "Amy, what do you call the outside of a tree?" Student: "No idea miss" Teacher told angrily: "Bark, Amy". Amy: "Bow Wow Wow Miss" :lol:
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    Are you using You tube for your business?

    We do not use YouTube for business but we use it to help our clients find the answers to their queries.
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    Ten years, -----es

    I'll be a year old next month :D
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    Please review my website

    I liked the site but it can be better and also I suggest you add more features like one can submit a game, get games on iTunes.
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    Steve Jobs passes Away

    One of the Best Innovators of Our Times. Many Bows to you Steve :cry2: