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    PHP/MySQL multiple domains

    Yeah, but don't think that for too long if downtimes keep happening. According to SiteUptime: Those 5 hrs is "for now" since my sites are down at the moment.
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    PHP/MySQL multiple domains

    Hi! I've been hosting with MonkeyWrench hosting for almost 2 years, and suddenly they stopped giving support, so here I am in the search of another host. This is what I need: Php/MySQL Host more than 1 site: I need to host 7 sites (like addon domains) at least (4 are blogs read by...
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    google adsense banned me...

    I think i haven't done anything wrong, but if there has been someone who clicked several times, etc. i have no way to know it...
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    What's the CPM of valueclickmedia.com

    Hi! I was wondering how much does it pay valueclickmedia.com I have another program (less restrictive than valueclickmedia.com) that pays me 0.1 EUR per 1000 impressions. I really don't know how much are the CPM programas paying... Thanks for any info!
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    Highest Amount per click from adsense

    I think that it's not that a click pays you 1 U$, but somehow they calculate how much are you going to earn by their "secret equation". It seems it was a click of 1U$ but perhaps it's just to maintain their CPM as high as possible.
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    google adsense banned me...

    I'm a little worried about adsense, since i haven't reached the 100U$ ammount yet, i'm close, and if they ban my account at this point, I would have loose almost 8 months of ads! (my site is not very popular, it's not intended to be, but it covers the host costs)
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    If you already have an adsense account, it's really easy to include the ADS on your blog. There's a built-in function. And for what I know you can include any kind of ad on your site, adsense, adbrite, etc. you only have to adjust the code (is not that difficult)
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    Language, how many do you speak?

    I'm from Argentina, so Spanish is my native tongue. I went to an Italian School, so I lernt Italian. English also in school and some courses. And português also (brazilian port.)
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    Who has orkut account

    I have an Orkut Account, but need your e-mail to invite you! Send me a PM if you want!
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    Sites with Premium accounts?

    Hi! I'm looking for sites that have premium accounts just like fotolog.com or flogao.com Some site like myspace or blogger, but that offers you a way to pay to avoid ads or get more capabilities, etc. Thanks for any info!
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    I was wondering just the same! I'm going to start a forum/news site/wiki (with not too many visitors for now.) The free hosting service of netfirms (I've been using it for at least 5 years) is good (eventhough I hosted only HTML files.) If anyone knows anything of the service, pleas let me know...
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    I went to see... Te code actually makes a 45U$ discount of the setup fee. If It weren't for those 40U$ I would never go for that host (Setup Fee on a shared?...)
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    what's your Google PR

    I'm getting PR 5 in www.akistuff.com many forums created there have PR 3 or 4
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    Finally I've found this cgi script: http://www.forkosh.com/mimetex.html To allow a very easy way of including Latex code into any page. I would ask you to close this topic, since there's nothing more to discuss... The requisites for hosting would be completely other. Unless you want to talk...
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    The problem is that the group of people developing this project (myself included) is from Argentina, and for us, buying stuff in Dollars is too expensive. Besides, I think none of the involves has eneaught experience as to install Latex into a server... Let's see...
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    Selling my site?

    Hi! I have created some time ago (almost 3 months) the site that appears at my signature. But, since I have now began the University again (i created the site during my hollidays) I don't know what to do. I don't have too much time like to administer and improve the site (You'll see there are...
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    Just because to run a Wiki, with the possibility to include formules, is needed Latex. I'm trying to build a Wiki with theorems and demostratios, it would be a little too annoying having to write-compile-upload-link every image. And it won't be editable. I left an example of a Wikipedia page, so...
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    To be honest, tetex is the first time i hear about It. But LaTeX is a very powerful language to write publications. TeX was written to create scientific publications. But, I need the server to have LaTeX because is the only way to create math formulas easily. For example check this How would you...
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    Need hosting with LaTeX

    Hi! I need a host that offers: LaTeX (essential) is for running a wiki of science. Please don't post if you don't offer this! PHP MySQL (At least 3 DB's) 1 Gb Disk 15 Gb Transfer Subdomains (At least 3) I think That's all. If you could offer some days for trial it would be appreciated.
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    Forum Hosting request

    www.akistuff.com you can create your own subdomain.akiforum.com PHPBB forum if you have eneough users/posts We'll set up a domain for your forum if you want to.