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    nude ladies hiding in my laptop

    Here guys, not quite nude but something nice to look at.... :evilb:
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    Anyone know a good UK computer equipment wholesaler?

    there used to be a company called eclipse in coventry. not sure if they are still there since i've been the states for the past 12 months.
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    Firefox using too much RAM

    I was being sarcastic, it's just something I do :evilb:
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    Google Patents

    Interesting. Didn't even realise Google had a patent search. I just looked up all the Dyson vacuum cleaner patents.
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    Snow (Anyone) >> Decker, get your --- here :p

    It's been snowing again here in Ohio tonight. Bloody frrrrreeezin cold too. I'm about to go back to good old blighty.
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    hard drive

    Try 'hiding' the partition in something like partition magic and see if your PC still boots up. Before you do this make sure you have some means of running partition magic from either floppies or a bootable cd/dvd, incase you need to unhide it. I recently had to fix a PC which was booting...
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    Question regarding the computer

    If I were you i'd connect the 30gb as the master on the primary ide and the 80gb as the slave on the secondary ide. Then i'd have the dvd-rom as the slave on the primary ide and the cd-rw as the master on the secondary ide. Actually i'd probably clone the partition (using partition magic or...
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    Firefox using too much RAM

    I agree, Pavarotti rocks but what's that got to do with web browsers?
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    saw this and laughed

    That's exactly the same face I make when my wife catches me looking at internet porn ;)
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    Weird 'new post' behaviour.

    I think the smilies are staging a 'break-out' ;)
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    **Guilty Or Not Guilty**

    Not Guilty. :) Did you ever find Miss Piggy attractive?
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    Respond to a question with a question.

    why would we see it?
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    Free YouTube Clone script

    If a "cloned" website contains none of the original website's code but simply replicates the functionality of the original site how is that illegal? Websites like You Tube and MySpace provide a service that people want. If someone else also provides the same service by writing their own...
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    Help with my image hosting script

    sounds like a permissions issue (chmod) to me
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    Drop down menus help?

    Xara Webstyle does nav bars and menus and I they have a free trial available here... http://www.xara.com/products/webstyle/
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    What is your budget for shared hosting?

    Think I paid around $30 for 6 months hosting with 2 free domain names. My hosting company is 1&1 and they have some good deals. I signed up for a special offer and I think I got 25% off.
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    50 MB Hosting wanted..

    1&1 are doing some good deals right now.
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    How to disable paypal from accepting credit cards?

    I thought that you had to upgrade your paypal account to accept credit card payments. Maybe you can downgrade to a normal account where credit cards aren't accepted (only funds from PayPal accounts are accepted)?
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    Hi everyone

    Just signed up and checking out the forum. Seems like a great place!
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    Data Recovery Help

    There is a bootable CD floating around on the web called Hiren's BootCD. It has lots of file recovery tools on it and is very useful if you can find a copy. :)