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    looking for quotes

    i think that it is a good idea that you are wanting to venture into the hosting industry and i wish you the best of luck. and like others have said it is best for you to go with a reseller account for starters. can i ask if you have any knowledge with hosting etc..? if not then i would be...
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    Reseller 20/200 20 Gb web Space and 200 Gb BW for only $19 Monthly

    Hostingent.com Reseller Offer Hello and thank you for looking at the hostingent.com reseller offer please note we only have 3 so be quick or loose out This is what we have to offer you 20/200 Reseller plan details Web Space: 20 GB BW: 200 GB Cpanel: Yes WHM: Yes Cpanel XP: Yes...
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    Need Dedicated Server

    HostingENT Is Here For You Hosting Enterprises here saying we have some solutions for you. Check these plans out!: AMD-BARTON-3000-A [3.0 GHz] Base System Configuration: AMD 3000+ Barton 80GB IDE Hard Drive 1024MB RAM Bandwidth: 1000GB IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable) Private...
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    Need Resellers Quick!

    Hosting Enterprises Hostingent.com can offer you the following custom plan, when we say custom it is built around your needs. so this plan is not advertised on our site. --------------------- Custom Plan --------------------- Webspace: 10 Gb Bandwdith: 100 Gb Cpanel/WHM: Yes Unlimited...
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    Hosting for message board

    we can help you we have fantasico installed we offer 2 messege boards PhpBB 2 and Invision Power Board we also offer cpanel xp and php 5 so if you are intrested please add me on msn or visit my company admin@hostingent.com is my msn i would really like to help you with your message board we...
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    Cpanel 2006 with Cpanel APP cheap reseller hosting New Cpanel Version

    Hello everyone if you need hosting then look no further than Hosting Enterprises Please find below all the specs and what my company has to offer you. First let me explain the specs of our company. Security Our server has been hardened by our server admins, who are known as...
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    General Question about cpanel xp

    i agree if a customer signed up with me and noticed his account did not have cpanel xp then all he would have to do is ask and i would do it so he is authorising the change not me it's there for the taking but the reasson why i choose it was becuase most host seem to use x theme which is boring...
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    General Question about cpanel xp

    Has anyone heard of cpanel xp and how come the large hosting companies like hostgator.com don't offer it? imo it seperates you from the growd of other hosting companies offering the plain rvskin and x2 theme
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    Urgent Webhosting Needed

    we dont do yearly prices thast low but we can do monthly price and we can offer what you want
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    20 GB space with 1 TB bandwidth

    ok i can offer you this for $200 Mo or for $45 Mo for 200 Mo you will get: 20 GB web space 1 TB bandwidth PHP PHP 5 MYsql PostgreSQL RVSkin Cpanel/WHM Fantastico Unlimited Features! for 45 Mo you will get: 20 GB web space 250 GB bandwidth PHP PHP 5 MYsql PostgreSQL...
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    Need a good reseller plan for under $10.

    ok we can offer you this custom plan. if you like it please get in contact with me using this email address admin@hostingent.com 2.5 Gb 30 GB Bandwdith Cpanel/WHM/Fantastico Unlimited Features MYSql PostgreSQL Rvskin PHP4 PHP5 Imap Python 100% Uptime!! All for $8 Month...
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    Need paid hosting!

    hello <<Mod edit/message too long>>
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    SV1 Web Hosting, anyone with them?

    hi can't say that i have heard of that company before, but please keep us posted if you do decide to go with them, but if you don't im sure you will find a suitable host on FWS
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    Requesting good paid hosting!

    hi umm i see lots of overselling by miles for $1 then you are bound to find an unreliable host maybe if you wanted 2 mb web space 5 mb banwdith i could offer you it for $1 but for what you want find a host that offers a more expensive realistic price. only kiddy host tend to offer $1 for what...
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    what about dreamlink.net ?

    hey sorry, but i can't really help you with this host. but maybe i can give you some tip on testing it , try testing their support and see how long they take to reply etc. other than that i don't really know try searching the forums or the internet about them.
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    **BEWARE** VPHost

    hi im sure that you will find another host here on fws if you are not happy with vphost
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    MonkeyWrench Hosting

    ummm, now he's a nice guy, at the beginning you were pissed off with him and swearing at him :shame:. but glad to hear you site is up again
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    30% Commision

    hello i am looking for people to help Hosting Enterprises grow, i am looking for people who can make sales and know of people who need hosting etc.. you will be paid 30% commision for each sale you make for more information please contact me on msn on admin@hostingent.com thankyou for your time