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    Oh my flipping whillickers it's the ACT

    never bothered with the act. got a 1280 (600 verbal 680 math 650 writing 11 essay) on sat, wasn't too happy with it though :/ since i knew friends who got 1400+ and 1500+ easy. still managed to get a ~5.7 or something gpa (i still dont know my final) and get to uflorida
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    Firefox...you know you want it

    too bad ie isn't a standalone browser and its integrated to the operating system so its an active security hole :rolleyes:
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    Coke or Pepsi?.

    Well, according to the Pepsi Challenge, Pepsi > Coca Cola, so I guess there's your answer...
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    Do you buy second hand (used) clothes ?

    Goodwill is the best thing *ever* , they have some pretty snazzy stuff. I just feel like a ---- when walking in there, like I'm stealing stuff from the poor :( meh
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    I'm rich! Want a server!?

    best. photoshop. ever.
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    I'm rich! Want a server!?

    maybe he's gay?
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    Happy Apocalypse Day!

    I'll let you say whatever you want about religion, save you actually know what you're talking about. Problem is, I don't think you know the slightest thing what you're talking about: you don't know the difference between christianity and catholicism, and that's a huge problem and pointer to your...
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    I'm rich! Want a server!?

    Wow. Then that was just WAY too subtle for me to notice.
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    Live Music

    ?! pardon? how in the hell did they known for their live performances and their reputation extremely heightened by their act at woodstock 94?
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    Happy Apocalypse Day!

    nitpicking. :( why 6pm? demon's time is 3 am. for the past 400 years you mean? poking fun at religion isn't anything new, it's been happening for centuries; the only difference is you don't get your head lobbed off. you're SO knowledgeable, a REAL theologian! i didn't know christians and...
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    I'm rich! Want a server!?

    a free server to the first 1,000 replies...? lol
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    Darn U Google

    . . . . . . you mean a nationalist? nationalism? . . . wtf
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    Halo 3 Trailer

    galaga? defender? paperboy? space invaders? :(
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    Ever taken a Mental Health Day?

    oh you must be a great master to always be able to defeat and avoid stress! how do you do it?
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    Google Calendar

    that is *hot*
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    The Blog Craze

    myspace isnt a blog site? what? its a networking site.
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    Can you tell your arse from your elbow?

    but that would require science...
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    My 100th post

    Isn't that enough? Why do you have to ask for so much more! >:o
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    My 100th post

    Precisely why you should go around making threads dedicated to your post count! Who knows, maybe your life will change. Maybe. Maybe....!
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    Cool site for music lovers

    er? you get a yahoo account and you can personalize your music to your genres and artists, and it plays; and the more music you rate, the better it'll be at playing music you like, and bringing up something new that you will most probably like; something like last.fm's algorithm. this is how...