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    Any good and professional VPS host?

    I think that kvchosting.com is good enough to be added here to the list. They have a lot of good options.
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    Where to host my site

    Depends on the content you have there. If that is forbidden on your host you need to do specific search and find provider which will offer you offshore service. If you check warez-host.com you will see that they offer their services ion various locations Netherlands, Bulgaria and a few more. So...
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    I need suggestion from professionals.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. haven't you try them have you?
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    I need suggestion from professionals.

    The question is bout reseller hosting. It seems that I have found web hosting company with the prices which suit me fully. The company is innohosting. But still doubt about the quality. Can any one leave few words about them? Something about their support server and network uptime.
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    List of cheap domain registrars

    Having some experience with sibername(.com) (ICANN, CIRA, EURID-accredited) I really do not understand why it's still not listed here, surely, unless the quality comes after the price at this thread. They are not expensive, and dealing with them for me, since the time I have regged domains with...
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    how're hostv dedis?

    Hello! has anyone ever used hostv.com provider for getting a dedcated servers from? I was attracted by the feaures they provide and would like to know if they offer reasonable price for the service. I heard this company is professional enough to deal with, but have no personal...
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    hostgator.com reliability?

    I try to avoid large hosts, I am afraid of everything large... The netpeople's position relatively hostgator is dual everywhere, many say it is one of the best, others - it is awful. )_________________________________________________________________________ Driving crazy..... need som coffee...
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    Problems with my Deisehost account

    Erizo, You are very likely to be right, after a sleepless night I may say or do something brainless... Because my brains are off. I am typing from the sleep-mode........ Sorry for possible slander, but I still think I would rather not go with that company.... No reasons, I just do not like it!
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    Guys, are you nuts? You sign up with a hosting company which is absolutely unknown, with the ghost in its name.... Why not to look for something which is reliable, Why not to ask someone before making any deals if you do not have enough experience? That is the payback for the lack of foresight!
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    anyone here hosted with imageleet.com ?

    Smells Spamy ;)
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    Problems with my Deisehost account

    Where do you find such companies? Do you use some unknown kind of search engine which is able to find only the unreliable company? I think it was not very difficult to do better search and sign up with some good and Reliable company, with no further necessity of asking such questions?
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    ConnectHost hacked!

    Yes but I think there is no point to lock up the stable if the horse is already stolen... Time to think has already passed, it is time to do something to save their reputation))
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    Redhotservers.com Review?

    Some suspicious name they have... I wouldn't trust a company who has the name like that. That means, company either has bad marketologists, or they scam...
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    Free Domain Name

    some hosting providers give the opportunity of free domain names including .com
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Magnet storms make me feel discomfort... Can't work, can't post, can't anything... do not want anything
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    Best Media Player?

    For Music - Winamp is My favourite. And video comes with Light Alloy
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    favorite song?

    Therion - Son of the Staves of Time Draconian - Death, come near me Finntroll - Jaktens Tid Green Carnation - Light of day, Day of Darkness... And lots more... hard to choose I wonder, if there is someone who also likes metal here?
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    Vast Hello!

    Hello! I found this forum very good and decided to join. I believe this will help me to extend my experience and knowledge! Nice to meet you!