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    Requesting Free Webhosting

    I have a somewhat small to moderate website, mainly personal, and a small part of it of my own little business. -500 MB to 1 GB of webspace -Bandwidth? Probably 5-10 GB -cPanel, mainly. -I'll have a Wordpress Blog in it as well. -I would like at least 10 subdomains. -Email addresses? Just 3...
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    Need A New Host (Again!)

    Fourteen Crosstown is expanding to become Spaceplane Productions. With that, I'm getting a new domain and a new website. After the sudden disappearance of another server (from a domain which was expiring anyway), I decided to get a new domain. I'm going to be trying to get things set by next...
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    Paradox Servers - 600MB Disk Quota - 40GB Monthly Transfer

    I'm pondering about joining here if things on my other server doesn't work out.
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    Toad Society?

    Hmmm. I find that really odd. I had a website on Toad Society, and all of a sudden, it was seen 'not there'. Maybe I did something wrong? I don't know. The stranger thing is that one moment I see the site, and then a few minutes later, I don't see it. I can't explain that. Maybe I might...
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    Toad Society?

    Recently, Toad Society (www.toadsociety.com) has been down the last few days, and I am in wondering, because I have a few critical emails which I need to send, and that I might have had sent to me. Not to mention I have an update for my lasertag fans come tomorrow, before I return. So, I...
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    Another One of Those Requests Again.

    I got some interesting offers, nonetheless. To Secret: Question about the optional plan - Do I have to put a ad on all of my pages (that's a lot of pages), or to a few of them? Maybe, if I put one of some of my main pages? Will that suffice? To all of the ones who replied: Do the posts...
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    Another One of Those Requests Again.

    Once again, I look for another webhost. Once again, another place shuts down on me. What I'm looking for: - About 250 MB space? - I get a lot of hits on my blog, so I need at least 3-5 GB bandwidth. (last two months of my blog's opening, I had nearly 900 hits with approx. 2 GB BW metered for...
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    Need another Host ASAP!!

    I, once again, need a new host for a huge website which has a lot of blogs on it (well, about 13), along with other pages, more personal than anything else. Here is what I need, mainly: - About 250 MB space. - Bandwidth? Maybe 1-2 GB? - I need LOTS of subdomains! At least 20! - CPanel...
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    Me Need webspace for beechdaly.ws ASAP!

    Well, the last provider I had, all I did was register the sub domains through CPanel and got them up as part of my whole webpage. Meaning when I got beechdaly.ws up, I made subdomains through Cpanel and got my other subdomains (pleiadian.beechdaly.ws and laserviolence.beechdaly.ws) up with...
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    Me Need webspace for beechdaly.ws ASAP!

    I'm looking for someone very reliable for beechdaly.ws. The former server is having problems with CPanel, and that means I can't make subdomains or edit my email addresses. Besides, 5 subdomains now is too little. Here is what I am looking for, and it isn't much, really. Space - Around 100...
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    Hosting Request

    EDIT: I found a host now.
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    Hosting Request

    EDIT: There was a problem. Now, a certain place now wants a link, an ad, and posts. Now I was just seen for just the posts... so here I go again. Back to looking for a host, which I need ASAP!!
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    Hosting Request

    I have found a webhost already. Thanks for all offers.
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    Hosting Request

    NWH, there is a problem with your registering. The Security Code image does not come up.
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    Hosting Request

    Do I get to switch to a domain name when I get one?
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    Hosting Request

    Okay, I need a new website. I want something that has a subdomain for now (since I don't have my new website, I'm no longer using fourteencrosstown.net) but later can change to a domain, when I get my new domain. Here are the specifics I need: 100-150 MB Space CPanel Email addresses: At...
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    How much space and bandwidth do you use?

    With seven blogs and 192 other websites, I have used 141 MB of space and 884 MB of monthly bandwidth. It was much lower beforehand, but then I became a blogger, and well ... those numbers doubled from before. Most of my websites are HTML pages or few images so that is why I have so many pages...
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    4UHOST.INFO-Free hosting to the maximum

    Phew! I thought the server went down again ... so all of my sites are safe ...
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    Make it Seven Times.

    Hmmm, let me see. This is the seventh time that I have had someone say that their host is reliable and it isn't. This infuriates me. And guess what, guess who's back looking for another host for fourteencrosstown.net? :hide: Anyway, here is the scoop. I'm looking for these specs...
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    Free Hosting 200MB, 3Gb B/W, No posting

    Do you accept people with domains?