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    Best picture gallery software

    Wow! They messed it up? So what happened next? Were they able to fix it or gave a refund?
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    Whmcs Hacked

    Sources have said that this is coming from a staff. I just hope that these allegations aren't true.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    By the way, how long does it take overall in the case they they can give the domain back?
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    HostGator to be acquired for $225 million

    Since acquired by EIG, everything went downhill for HG. Just a sad one for them.
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    Get Free hosting by giving us likes on Facebook AND following us on Twitter

    Sorry to bump this up guys but has anyone tried this out yet? I'd like to see some reviews on how this went out please.
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    Which service provides best free web hosting?

    Either 000webhost or Hostgator will work just fine. I have tested those two on my test sites.
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    How is the market demand for free hosting > How many signups can I get per day & how?

    Stay away from these schemes.Totally a hug waste on efforts. Just an FYI.
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    Looking For Shared

    I believe shared hosting at Hostgator has one of the best price offers out there. But if your looking to set up email services as well, I wouldn't recommend it since SMTP servers are easily getting blacklisted on shared services.
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    Hostgator! worst one!

    I would say they're worst but they have some lapses on tech support department which will need a lot of work. This started since they were acquired by EIG.
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    For practice or training, I'd go for free hosting. If used on production, paid service is my choice. Stability and included tech support is part of the package here.
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    Need a webhost with at least 2GB or more space & fast mysql restoration

    Sorry to bump this one up but Seraphim? I tried to search for their site but came up empty. They they renamed onto something else or did they completely close out?
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    SSL Certificate on Basekit

    Hi, so did Basekit made changes on their end for this to work if I may ask?
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    Movies on website

    You also need to consider the amount of disk space that will be needed here since you will be dealing with movie files.
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    Brown borders around images in basekit

    Hi George, just checking here out of curiosity. May I please ask on how this was fixed for you?
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    Hotlinked.org: Direct Hotlink File Hosting and Sharing

    Looks like the domain is already expired. Any chance that it has been moved? Or is it completely out?
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    SmokyHosts - Free domain names with free hosting accounts!

    I partially agree but only if needed. If you expect ton of traffic coming in, you need unlimited amount of resource and this is the way to go. But if you're starting up, I'd say shared servers will do just fine.
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    Is there need for VPS .

    Firs thing that you should consider is the features. When you say shared servers, it has a limited one like max process limitations, etc. Find out what you need first so you can check if VPS is the best option.
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    ♥♥♥♥♥ (●ᴗ●) $1/month ♥♥♥♥♥

    Agreed. That's basically the limitation for a shared service. Make sure that you are aware about that before signing up.
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    hostgator.com offer 25% for 2014

    Sorry to bump this up but how about for this year please? Does HG have an upcoming promotion like this so far?
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    1and1 web hosting in the US?

    Maybe a demo account will do? Some free service with limited features is a good one to start with if they offer that.