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    Finally the requests for free hosts with php/mysql will be reduced...

    How do you make the connection that IPB will start charging a fee after 1.2? That's the same license Matt/IPB has had for quite a while now. Matt has always said that a free version of Invision will always be available.
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    what are PIPS?

    They are little graphics used on some board (Peo doesn't use them here) to represent a users post count. IE: 0-10 posts = 1pip, 11-50 posts = 2pips, 51-100 posts = 3pips, etc... A lot of people use custom pips to match the theme of their board. Just check on other boards under the member info...
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    Message for Peo

    HBD Peo! :cool: Ahhh, to be 30 again. Enjoy the day.
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    Free buttons

    This one maybe? http://bbaddons.com
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    minibb down?

    That's because the URL is www.minibb.net
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    ICQ for sale??

    No he can't sell it. But you can't ask him to just give you his ICQ account for free either (if you really want to follow the rules?). From ICQ's end user license agreement
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    "Olympics end on a high note"

    FYI Ben Johnson = Canadian
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    My turn for a pointless poll and thread

    These appear to be the new trend. :p That's a trick question. I'd spell them just like you did. :) Can you see it? I wrote it on the monitor screen and hit the send key. ;)
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    UPOTD: How do you pronounce FAQ?

    Po-Tay-Toe, Po-Tah-Toe To-May-Toe, To-Mah-Toe let's call the whole thing off. :jump:
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    To SimCity Players

    How is it possible that you've played SC for years but know nothing about it? :rolleyes: Use the search (you can do that right?) http://www.sc3000.com/cities/city_search.cfm Sort by population Order - Greatest to least Be sure to check "no cheats" Walla, cities over 2.5 million with...
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    To SimCity Players

    Well, calling me a liar bothers me somewhat. But it's no big deal, I just consider the source. Peace... :cool:
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    To SimCity Players

    As usual GC, you just don't believe anyone. If you would go to the exchange/link posted in other post you will see that it is possible but as usual, you are always right. geezz. :rolleyes:
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    To SimCity Players

    Not true. I have seen cities in SC3000 over 5 million in population. Check out the exchange at Maxis http://simcity.ea.com/us/simexchange/index.phtml , you will find plenty of cities over 2.5 million. Peace...
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    Is BARBAPAPA actually Yupapa?

    I vote no because I am YUPAPA! ;) rotflmao @ this thread
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    popular sites

    Kind of the same as all those PHPnuke sites. They all look alike. ;)
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    Your Sexuality (With the poll this time)

    I'm a lesbian stuck in a man's body. :biggrin2:
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    Free Forums

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    my new award!

    Even I enjoy reading Yupapa's wacky (I mean insightful) posts. ;) ROTFLMAO
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    Storing WAV files?

    Couldn't you just sign up for another Tripod site (unless it's against their tos) then link to that site from your existing one? Can you even hotlink tripod files from another site anyway? Peace...
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    F2s Suspend Free Service For Good

    Anyone that thinks f2s is going under and needs to get rid of your account, you can send me your username and password and I'll take em' off your hands. For free, of course. ;) Peace...