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    That's right. Peo is the man. Keep it up, you rock!

    That's right. Peo is the man. Keep it up, you rock!
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    Seeking a host for personal music/blog site

    Hi FWS, I've been out of the game for a loooong time (both free webhosting and music) and I want to get back into the swing of things. Here's what I'm looking for: -A few gigs of space, 5-10 would be more than enough. -Bandwidth, a few gigs a month? I dunno, media does eat bandwidth but...
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    A little help...

    Hey folks, I've been out of the loop for awhile and my domain is about to expire. My intention is to register with a cheap registrar and save the $$$, so what are the cheapest TLD registrars at the moment?
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    My only problem finding a host right now is not that my ideal host doesn't exist (it's so simple it has to exist.) My problem is that while searching this site's database for a domain host, the search results usually don't host domains. Often they only give subdomains. As a suggestion, I think...
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    Perl Script: AID

    Howdy folks, I don't know if anyone on this board is a DJ or wants to be one or whatever, but I wrote a free open source Perl script to store songs/CDs in a database with artist, album, and track names, times, and beats per minute. Then another script lets you search your entire database for...
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    Webmaster freeware & shareware

    What about Webattack.com? Mostly internet/webmaster stuff, and sure, it's not as big as Tucows or some others but it's well maintained and neat. Check it out... httpp://www.webattack.com
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    Aha...Now isnt this funny....

    Didn't anyone tell you? Irony is the foundation the Internet is built on.
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    I believe that sourceforge.net can give you the MySQL database, but I'm not sure about the amount of space they give you. Sourceforge's intention is to provide free hosting resources for Open Source projects. Check ém out and see if they're what you're looking for.
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    Whats your favorite HTML editor?

    Here's my .02: Adobe GoLive http://www.adobe.com/ for positioning/busy work, download a demo. Arachnophilia http://www.arachnoid.com/ for detailed editing/search and replace. Download the full free version. Notepad is weak Micro$oft crap and I only use it in place of PostIts. There are...
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    Any free web space support PHP + MySql?

    Who says? I couldn't get my PHP guestbook to work until all the associated files were mode 777. I think it depends on the script and the server.
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    free, private webspace

    This is actually a poor analogy. Tell me, what are test drives? I thought that was a practice where someone could take a car out, drive it around, and see how it handles before buying it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that also the purpose of shareware and trial versions? Nevertheless...
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    a host worth checking out

    Well, that was nice while it lasted. Fuitad.com is not accepting any more registrations, they're full to the brim.
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    Hey Ron, you want to field this one?
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    One-time fee host...

    Sorry, I'll have to agree with Ron on this one. If I'm going to pay for webhosting, I really want to go with an established service with a good reputation. I'm not knocking on your services, but "keeping it private" doesn't exactly reel me in.
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    Unlimited Webspace - no ads or banners

    You can't hear those frequencies, but it does detract from the audio, because even though you may not process it, it does still hit your ear drum. Of course, on Windows theme sounds, I doubt it would make much difference. But just for the sake of an off-topic argument, MP3-encoding music causes...
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    Unlimited Webspace - no ads or banners

    I've seen examples of zip files with lots of wavs that were encoded to mp3. The mp3s were converted back to wav when you ran a batch file. I don't know what software was used to do this, maybe a freeware codec with command-line and wildcard options, but I know that it can be done. But...
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    Get Unlimited space/ bandwidth/no ads/ no banners!!! / cgi/php/ftp.etc

    Excellent idea! A freewebspace.net MB FAQ/Intro. Peo, what do you think? I'd offer to write it, but I'm not sure I'm qualified...
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    Get Unlimited space/ bandwidth/no ads/ no banners!!! / cgi/php/ftp.etc

    Hmm, did you submit your resumé in all lowercase letters with poor grammar? I wonder if you got the job...
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    One-time fee host...

    :confused: For nomonthlyfees.com: Do you have to pay the full $200 and $35 every year after if you already have a domain name you want to use?
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    Eeeeeewwww. They make you sign a 36 month contract saying that you'll try to use your computer at least 12 hours a month, but that if you consistently fail to meet the 12-hour requirement, they'll ask for their computer back at your shipping expense. They also say about HALF your hard drive is...