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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    From what I’ve heard and read, Kayako is buggy and some people are looking for other options. Two others that are really good would be www.focalscope.com and www.zendesk.com. In the end it depends on what workflow and features you want + what your budget is.
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    10,000 posts

    Wow! Did it count also one syllabic word reply?
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    why type of school you go to?

    I went to a public school but i was taught of doing good English... :)
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    hai friends

    Welcome Cassandra, also welcome me. New here also.
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    Windows 95, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7
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    Which web browser do you use?

    Im using Chrome now. I used to browse with Firefox 4 until i shifted to Chrome for simplicity of its design.
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    Try ComboxFix. Very effective. Search for the site. I can't put the URL here yet. or go to this site: juntariman(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2010/10/24/d-i-y-combofixing-your-infected-computer/
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    what's your cpu specs?

    Mine is outdated... lol Pentium 4 1.8ghz DDR 40GB but it still works.
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    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    Yeah, someone i know of still using Windows 2000.
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    Next Windows OS

    I've heard some negative comments about the forthcoming release of Windows 8 public beta. They said who's using touchscreen in desk tops?
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    I still love XP.
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    Computer not booting

    Just a little bit confused... If it can't boot then no light should be visible in the unit. If there's a pilot light blinking but no display then it's possible to say a damaged video card. Maybe you can use an external monitor to double check if whether your video card is working.
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    My pc shutdown by itself.

    Reformat is the last option. You can check the heat sink of your processor. Maybe it's no longer properly attached.
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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    As a total package (from the numerous ones we’ve tried) I’d say FocalScope. Great interface, solid ticketing and tracking, SLA integration and Live chat + self hosted or cloud based. We chose to self host and got it up and running in 1 day + another 2 days to populate all our users to the system.