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    Becoming reseller

    Given following criteria which registrar would be most suitable: -front store is hosted by registrar -professional store templates provided -client support is done by registrar Thanks all, Al.
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    Free news provider?

    Are there still any free news providers that let you put up to date, targeted information on your site, similar to moreover... but free? :) Thanks all...
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    OpensSRS resellers

    Does anyone have a (comprehensive) list of opensrs resellers? Also, anyone knows which is the cheapest? Thanks, Alain.
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    How to check for trademarks when registering domain names?

    Suppose i wanted to register sex.com... (yeah right:)) Would i have to check for "sex.com" trademarks or just "sex" word/company trademarks? Further, which trademarks to apply: federal, european, canadian...? Does it depend on the county i live in, or the top level domain (com, ru, it...
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    Problem with MyDomain

    A couple of days ago i decided to try out mydomain.com service and pointed the domain "modelpicture.com" to their name servers. I then redirected the domain to "http://www.modelpicture.f2s.com/" but it still doesnt work. Anyone having similar problems or an idea?
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    Free news providers?

    Im looking for a free news provider which will enable me to put a couple of headlines on my site. The news domain im looking for is movies, music, celebrities... Those that i already found are: MoreOver, iSyndicate, iboost... Anyone knows more alternatives?
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    Redirection site, how much bandwidth?

    >actually, when i referred to 300 bytes per framed page, >that is bandwidth. 300 bytes of badwidth to be exact. i >think we all answered correctly. Dont worry, you were all very helpful, thanks... What i wanted to know was the *monthly* bandwith needed for such a service and i guess...
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    Redirection site, how much bandwidth?

    Thanks for the responses... Just out of curiosity, does any of you have more than 10gb/month transfer?
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    Redirection site, how much bandwidth?

    Anyone knows how much monthly bandwidth a decent redirection site would need?
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    Looking for host offers

    Do you provide: -static IP and subdomain wildcards? -eMail forwarding, aliasing? Thanks!
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    Free service like zoneedit's MailForward?

    Does anyone know a service like zoneedit's MailForward that has not any bandwidth limitation?
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    Running Perl scipts on windows??

    To access your local computer the easy way is to use the IP address "" So if you want to execute a PERL script locally you will have to type http:\\\cgi-bin\yourscript.pl "cgi-bin" is an alias defined in the configuration of the web server you have installed. It is...
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    Need script that executes periodically (PHP)

    Ok, thanks anyway... In the meanwhile i found what i was looking for on another board. For those that dont know what i was talking about: On Unix you can use "cron jobs" using a crontab file. Its kind of a task scheduler. You will be able to execute CGI scripts...
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    Need script that executes periodically (PHP)

    I would need a script (written in PHP) that once in a day does a look-up in a MySql database and depending on the results, sends an email to some persons. Thanks alot, Semiel.
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    Looking for cheap host

    Hehe.... Thanks i knew about digitalspace :) >I think digitalspace.net offers this, anyone else? I think worldzonepro does not have static IP or wildcards, but im not sure...
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    Looking for cheap host

    Hi, im looking for a cheap host with following features: -static IP -wildcards -MySql -PHP/Perl By cheap i mean less than 7$. I think digitalspace.net offers this, anyone else? I have been looking around alot on different boards, but i think there are not many options... Thanks alot...
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    Mysql vs Oracle

    >transactions, triggers, or have more entries than a few >million -- you need oracle I think the new MySql version supports transactions (commit, rollback). If i remember correctly, stored procedures are not supported though. A "few million entries" is not that much data to handle and will...
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    Looking for 3 char domain name...

    Happy new year!!! Jerry: I sent you an email. I recommend weblaunching.net and gkg.net for registering. Have fun, Semiel.
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    How to use two domains on one host?

    You will need a redirection script... Check out for example: http://www.scripts.com/Perl/Redirection/ Have fun, Semiel.