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    Cheap Hosting ($$$ Cheap)

    I see your trying to go for Unlimited hosting ... hmm sorry man .. no such thing :confused2 Check this out --> http://www.unlimband.com/ I would avoid the Unlimited providers ... they usually end up offering bad service in some way or another. HostOnce I know has screwed over a lot of my...
  2. K

    Has anybody registered with godaddy?

    I got 2 domains with GoDaddy, it's a great service reasonable prices. Even though there are some less expensive places to register your domain now, but GoDaddy is a good place.
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    looking for Free FTP

    SmartFTP SmartFTP all the way ... that is a great free FTP client. Handles everything CuteFTP Pro does and best of all it's free. http://www.smartftp.com I have not had a problem with it unles like CuteFTP, CuteFTP Pro, and FlashFXP. Now If you want to pay for one I recommend FlashFXP...
  4. K

    Nuke.to is closed!!! I thought it was just moving server, but I was wrong!!

    I visit Nuke.to and I get a Plesk Plackholder ... maybe their not down just yet ... just really lazy :p Well I hope those people that we dumped by nuke.to find bettr places to host .. I would for sure hate for that to happen to me or any of my clients :(
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    We're ZANY I tell ya!

    We are running a great deal that you can not just pass up. From now Monday(12-10-01) till Friday(12-14-01) We are giving all of our plans at the yearly discount. So no need to pay annually to get that discount. You can get it right now!!! Lite Plan - 2.75 a Month #P0125481 Basic Plan -...
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    Birthday Special =0)

    hehe, thanks guys :D
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    cheapest .nu

    I was all happy when I went to their site and saw it was $8.88 then it said "coming soon" and I was bummed out ... so I bought a .com instead :(
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    Birthday Special =0)

    Hey everyone, As a special Birthday offer (it's my birthday and I am in a pretty good mood) ... ZanyHosting wants to offer to the next 12 clients that sign up a free month with any quarterly, biannually, or annually sign up. We have 4 plans that you can pick form or you can order a...
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    Kg Domain

    anyone else notice that ...... 1998 ?!?!?!?!?
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    Kg Domain

    gyrbo: is right ... just sign up with mydomian.com if you dont have a host to use your .xxx.kg domain with.
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    Kg Domain

    It's easy to register a xxx.kg domain ... just go to nic.kg or domain.kg and regsiter for a personal ID and then register a domain .... simple as slicing a peice of pie ;)
  12. K

    Free PHP board?

    I would have to say phpbb2, openbb, xmb. If I were to pick one it would have to be XMB, it has way more features and it looks to be stable enough. But if you were to pick a very stable forum with a good dev. team I would go with phpBB. But XMB and phpBB are my 2 very fav. php boards and...
  13. K

    Selling this domain ...

    A buddy of mine is selling his domain and I am doing him a favor by posting about it ... The domain for sale is DHCNEWORK.ORG go to http://www.dhcnetwork.org for the contact info so you can contact him directly. Thanks everyone!
  14. K

    Is this a Scam??

    Be careful ... Check out http://www.unlimband.com/ They might be able to offer such high bandwdith and such low prices cause they might be on a rackshack server... but agin be careful
  15. K

    The cheapest .ws?

    Anto: not a problem I am buying a few domains @ NameCheap myself ... let me know how it goes please ... email me or something.
  16. K

    The cheapest .ws?

    Http://www.namecheap.com has it cheap --> $8.88 a year So if 11 cents make a difference for you then go for it @ NameCheap :D
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    *.*.kg domains - a ton of questions... please help!

    I have a few of xxx.kg domains ... it usually takes me seconds to register it and for the DNS to propagate usually tkaes less them 24 hours. You can not registera .KG domain cause you need to actually pay for those domains ... but a .com.kg, .net.kg, and org.kg are free. Like djs said it's a...
  18. K

    dabot 6.95 ... Anyone sign up ?

    Thanks for the info TrekChick, I will be careful. I might just register my personal domain with them since it's nothing that I am in a rush of registering. So if it takes 12 hours to a week we will see. you might have just a been a lucky chick and gotten your domain at the point of them...
  19. K

    Cobalt or Plesk?

    Plesk 2.x is really nice compared to the earlier version, much more control in 2.x then the earlier ones that's for sure. The cobalt CP is horse sh*t compared to Plesk.
  20. K

    Wolfknight Network Services

    If he is he should be warned, a lot of cable/dsl users have used their home internet to run a hosting company ... and I have seen nothing but downhill crashes for the people who run it and the people they host. So watch out bro!