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    Coke or Pepsi?.

    i like any soda in the market...pepsi or coke are fine... i usually don't drink too mucho soda, but any flavor it's ok, my favourite one is dr.pepper...
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    thanx very much...but i think i'm scrude... i've downloaded vlc, and i couldn't hear anything...and you are right, the audio files are badly encoded:-(, they meant a lot to me...:crying5::frown2:
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    i ask this here because i don't know where else to add it... i can't hear pcm archives and are very important to me...i tested some programs, but i only hear noise... i got adobe audition, but it doesn't seem to work either... what do you recomend me to do??
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    So like, a plane crashed in Toronto today, and tomorrow I'm supposed to be flying

    i think you don't have to worry...it's a very sad case, but we don't have to be afraid, you must trust that it'll be ok and that your arrival is gonna be safely... http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/datawh/statab/unpubd/mortabs/gmwkiii10.htm
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    Free image hosting code?

    changos, i'm sorry, i think i didn't read quite well the topic, anyway thanx man
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    Free image hosting code?

    i have the same problem, eveytime i upload an imag the url is wrong o r i cannot change the size of the image, that's why i haven't been able to display an avatar..
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    Popular search engine!

    i use google, altavista, yahoo and if i don't find what i'm looking for i try with others 'till i end my search.
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    Hi everyone

    hi Milovan, i'm a new member too:biggrin2:
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    Cost of Iraq War ( $204.6 Billion)

    i believe is a high costo to show that they are making an heroic effort to "protect" their nation...it's clearly a personal war where lot of money is the pricnipal goal to achive...i really believe that the took advantage of the situations...Saddam Husein was in any moment a trheat... the...
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    Child Porn

    i think it's kind of difficult this matter...sometimes police is envolved, they are payd to ignore the situation because this is a miltimillinare bussines and worst of all child prostitution still exist...