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    Goodbye Megabit, Hello Gigabit!

    That is a truly amazing offer, I might be forced to take you up on it in a couple of days ;) By the way, you entered the wrong email address in the post. You put "servers@chargetek.com", missing out the "r" from your domain. I just hope that no emails were sent to that email address by accident.
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    proxy hosting

    Proxies don't work on cPanel hosts? What on earth are you talking about? They are no different from other scripts. Of course proxies work on cPanel hosts, as long as they have either PHP and/or CGI installed. It just depends on what script you use.
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    Popular Members of The Forum

    1. hottweelz 2. Craig 3. iyeru42 hottweelz, you are everywhere ;)
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    I may have saved someone's life. I think.

    Wow, that is incredibly lucky that you turned around when you did, hottweelz. I'm really glad, for both you and John, that you acted as you did as well, I am pretty sure that you did save your friend's life. It's good to see that he is beginning to get better as well now. I see that he is out of...
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    Cheap Reseller Account

    I would definately recommend HostingDepartment. I have been with them for three months now, and they are absolutely great. Their support is literaly the best I have ever seen. The server is fast, and I have had very little downtime. The service is great as well, and is constantly being improved...
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    I'm also interested. If anyone can beat their offers then please let me know.
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    domains for sale

    No offense, but I really don't think anyone will buy any of these. For a start, they are all free domains, and secondly there aren't really any excellent domains.
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    What is the best reseller ever ???

    I have had an excellent experience with http://www.hostingdepartment.net with my reseller. Their support is excellent, and the hosting is great ;)
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    [Selling] Uploads.ws and Restrict.ws!

    Offer over. Please could a mod delete/close this topic?
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    livewhois.info (Full Site For Sale)

    The site seems to be up for me. It looks great craig, good luck with the sale :)
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    Need about 8gb reseller.

    From what I have seen, all the staff at LytenHost are great people. If you were thinking about going with them, I would suggest it, they seem to be excellent :)
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    [Selling] Uploads.ws and Restrict.ws!

    uploads.ws restrict.ws Both of these are for sale. The starting price for each is $5, and increments are of $1.00. There is a reserve for each domain, so I do not have to sell if I do not think the price is right. However, the reserve for both is quite low ;) If you wish to make a bid on...
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    <$99 I need a Dedicated

    As NetCafe said, I really don't think you will be getting what you want for that little price. You might be able to get a Celeron processor, with half a gig of ram and metered bandwidth for that price.
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    *Looking to Purchase Imagehost

    Do you want the entire site, or just the script and everything to start one?
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    SMALL VPS Needed To Experiment With

    They look brilliant, do you have any reviews of them at all?
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    Looking for beta testers

    I've added a couple of people, as it is all I currently need for now. However, when new features are added I will be sure to add the rest of you ;) Thanks for such interest, I really appreciate seeing it :)
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    Looking for beta testers

    Thank you, I have added you on MSN :)
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    Looking for beta testers

    Thank you, I see you have added me. We will speak some more over MSN ;)
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    Looking for beta testers

    Hi, I am currently developing a new image hosting site, and am now at the stage where I need some people to test it for me. If you are interested in doing this, then you must have MSN Messenger. This is essential so we can talk quickly. There isn't really much I can say. I can't really offer...
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    doomachine2000 / wirehost.ws

    I really hope so. hottweelz, you are a really nice person and you did not deserve any of this to have happened to you. Nobody deserves hackers to destroy their company. As for doommachine2000, I personally spoke to him over MSN a few times before, weeks ago. He was a complete scammer, offering...