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    PHP Banner Rotater

    well, There another one, dot-banners look for it at hotscripts.com it costs though, you are unlikely to find a free one, if i were you i would get one made to my needs.
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    installing vbulletin on f2s

    its as easy as 1 2 3 well it was for me any way. not F2s though, not tryed them.
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    Control Pannels

    they do offer sub-domains but i dont know how many.. as for MX you have to contact them to chnage but i think they might include it if you ask.. Its know has pre-installed scrpts etc and Allows you to add databases. I have set up three i think thats the limit.
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    Review My Site Please!

    thanks thanks for the great comments.. I will try to fix that problem for NS, (which version?) I am using the latest beta and it looks fine. I will think of something to put over the IP and browser thing. what would you suggest? I can put a session telling them the amount of visits ...
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    Control Pannels

    you might one to check out http://www.sitepointforums.com as you will see alot of peopel to host there, rockets support is very fast, and are very help full..
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    Control Pannels

    I wont call hthem resellers as such... I am beta testing there new control panel and its a improvement over the old one.
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    Check this Out

    the second one is better! The first design i like the navigation menu.. The second one is even better, you should try to mix both of them to see how it looks.
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    Review my site

    nice and a simple layout Its a nice and simple layout.. however you could use graphics to brighten things up.
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    Review My Site Please!

    Hi could you plz review my site plz... NOTE: Not Fully Setup! Thanks Alot [Edited by Luqman on 11-13-2000 at 03:55 PM]
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    tvforums.net Talk About You're Favorite Tv show! loisandclark.net A New Superman Series?
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    How can I call CGI for SSI?

    try this... try this <? include("http://domain.com/test.cgi"); ?> it will work must use the URL and not the path...
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    JavaScript Question

    u can find it at... You can find it at http://www.dynamicdrive.com
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    reliable host

    hi at hostrocket you can only have one domain per acount... how ever i dont think you are likely to use more than 10GB a month that easy.. if you only store .zip .exe files then it might. but i usually store my .zip etc files on other free hosts so i dont use up bandwidth. tera i dont...
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    domainzero uk question

    Domainzero dont let international uers register free domains anymore but before they did i registerd a domain for personal use but know for some reason when i go to access.domainzero.com it says access denied message. NO login form comes up either?
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    Great! All i have to say is that.. No one can beat hostrocket for there technical support.. They always reply ASAP. so they had problems, so does ever other company. Name me a company who has never had problems..