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    Domainzero Names

    Registrar-Lock is still applied to all renewed domains, hence transfer denied. Note: I just got two domains which expired Sep29 available for registration again this midday (Oct 5). It's around 5 days as eHost claimed on their website.
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    Domainzero Names

    painful I have a few domains expired between Sep 29- Oct 2. I made a cronjob to check if they's available after expiry date and they're not yet available so far. I failed to do cronjob with a domain sixhead.com. This domain , which got 20-30 thousand hits per day , expired on Oct 1 and it's...
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    Domainzero Names

    agree $24.49 is not much when it comes to your headache and time of waiting for expired domain. ultra, you have no choice, although a domain expire , it won't be available for registration or transfer until NSI registry delete it. Don't trust eHost who can change the rule everyday , I...
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    Domainzero Names

    enom delete expired domain from their database 1-2 days after its expirydate but left it undeleted at NSI Registry for several days. I recently renew a domain to eHost at $24.95 but Registrar-Lock is yet applied, anybody know how to unlock it?
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    DomainZero To eHost Question

    How much $$ per domain did you pay to enom ? I saw their reseller page said $29.95 .com. why not upgrade to eHost $24.95 which cheaper ?
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    Joker idiot !

    an Administrative Contact request to transfer domain from Joker to Opensrs , he approve Opensrs request then approve Joker request but the malicious holder decline Joker request , then Joker believe that this domain should not be transferred.
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    PHP + Qmail

    F2s , Spaceports etc use sendmail which ,when using PHP's mail function , didn't return undelivered/error message back to sender . With qmail , I can override Return-path . Virtualave have qmail but they didn't support PHP. Is there any Qmail + PHP server out there ?
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    Joker.com :(

    Guess I will also transfer off joker as my domains expire. I think those hard things come mainly from corenic. While I am sick with javascript on joker's homepage.
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    I see dotless IP , thanks keith
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    Anybody know how to get an address like this? http://3626046468/
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    again (from bn3)

    Message from bn3 ############## Effective 1/4/2001, BN3 will stop its support of web hosting service to its users. Users are encouraged to find an alternate web hosting service provider for their needs. ############## Sigh !
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    domainzero, f2s & CNAMEs

    defunto , jiminsd is right , you can't point CNAME to f2s unless they setup yourdomain in their server instead of subdomain.f2s.com so you must use redirect or frame to f2s instead. jw , CNAME will be translated to IP so if you point to wrong CNAME this means you point to wrong IP(that didnot...
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    Please suggest me a registar

    I think most registrar allow immediate dns/contact change , How many domains do you want ? Remember when you are going to register domains for others that some registrars like gkg.net will advertise their websites in your whois.
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    Everyone+domain registration + and free hosts ?

    You can do everything above unless your domains stay with namezero. Fist you must pay the transfer fee, http://namezero.com/support/faq/own/faq-own_trans.jsp Second you must pay another registrar you moved this domain to. I suggest you better upgrade to the Namezero Plus services...
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    my own DNS

    Of course broadreach , isn't it good to put some sites into that space ? Do you have any detailed available around ? I'm considering a raq3(32M Ram) My Christmas special 99$ from tera-byte [Edited by Ray on 11-26-2000 at 12:01 PM]
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    my own DNS

    thank you chicken , let me try.
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    my own DNS

    Could you recommend some good place ? I know some hosts providing this price but many said they did not woth a try(ie.cobaltrack). [Edited by Ray on 11-21-2000 at 04:39 AM]
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    United States Domains

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    Price a domain at Namezero.

    How much does a domain cost.? Namezero prices a domain at $50 http://namezero.com/support/faq/own/faq-own_trans.jsp
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    About joker.com

    Isn't it up to your isp ? I once registered thru enom and it is up in 6 hrs.