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    looking for a server

    I already did the live chat on your site, and the advisor told me nothing on the site should be objectional?
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    looking for a server

    dedicated or none, woudl need to see pricing differences and options. starting out something like 3g storage and whatever the suggested bandwidth would be, I will probably be upgrading both later, but want to start small first, don't need a huge amount of space when I'm only starting with say...
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    looking for a server

    There wont be any video, no porn videos atleaste. The images, no child porno or anything like that, probably a set of boobs in the galleries here and there from female members. other than that as for adult content, the launguage, thats it. going to be running invision powerboard, invision...
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    about adsense

    werd site is the best place to start for most adsense questiosn.
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    Ad Sense

    they've accepted some pretty rule bending sites from me with no problem at all.
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    looking for a server

    to run a large forum on, the forum will have adult content ie: language, and peoples own person opinons as any forum. also would prefer the server had image software so I can run a gallery along side my forum.
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    some problems i am having with yahoo

    last week, no response yet, I'm already in the market for a new provider
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    some problems i am having with yahoo

    i have the paid service, with a domain and all, heres some problems I am having, with my Sql I have to reinstall the admintool numerous times daily just to login. I cannot get ANY DB_update files to run for my message board, and everytime I try to execute manually from the my admin tool I get a...
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    Google or Clicksor??

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    What's going on with Adsense?

    mine have completely dropped, I have not earned anything in over 3 weeks. and i was getting the traffic and the clicks at the time.
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    whats the best way to get traffic?

    is that a name of a company?
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    Best Forum Software

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    help needed in forum hosting

    that or overall_footer.tpl check my sig for example, you can also use iframes
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    whats the best way to get traffic?

    by purchasing traffic or spending money on search engine submission software or both?
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    Need help with Google Adsense

    they give you a calculator in your control panel showing how they round it down.
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    Good PPC

    cj doesn't work