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    Just take off the /wwwboard.html and give it a shot.
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    help with CGI on f2s.com

    I have heard that F2S has a problem with the IP protocol that Perl uses. I read something of a fix at... http://www.users.f2s.com I've never tried it though.
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    help with CGI on f2s.com

    Here's a link... http://www.f2s.com/support/faq/faq.php?category=Perl CGI Scripts That should answer all questions. It might just be the server you're on meow. Maybe they all don't have the auto-association.
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    help with CGI on f2s.com

    You do not need a cgi-bin folder to run F2S CGI scripts. The location of Perl at F2S is /usr/bin/perl. And do not chmod the scripts at all. F2S does the association server-side.
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    Nostradamus' prophecy

    Maybe because the guy wrote it in 1993.
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    Nostradamus' prophecy

    I'm not disappointed at all. I never said I believed his words, I merely pointed out an association between his words and the incident.
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    Nostradamus' prophecy

    The five tiered ring would refer to the Pentagon. I just heard it called that. The City of God could be so many cities, many of which aren't in the US. I also saw a quote from Mike (Nostradamus) that was particularly close to this incident but then it said the date was 1651. The guy died...
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    free host, cgi bin, no adds please!

    Re: what the hell? As a matter of fact, yeah. Wanna fight about it?
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    New Ikonboard?

    Odd...I downloaded the newest beta too (3.4.3) and you make the folders for the files but there're .tar files that you also upload. The script then unzips the .tar files into the appropriate directories.
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    cgi-bin in f2s

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    f2s root directory

    Two steps... 1) You go to f2s.com and login to your account. 2) Click on the website link and scroll all the way down. That's where it tells you your FTP address and also your root or base directory.
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    "The Host With The Most"

    Doesn't that just mean there are now TWO close-to-death hosts out there instead of one?
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    Freemagix.com ? Is this real?

    Umm....I never signed up with any of those services and I got an e-mail from them with all the info about my account. Once I saw that I had to sign up for services I really had no use for, I closed the window. It seems they set up the account before you have to sign up for anything. I could...
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    Netfirms or Freeservers?

    jiminsd: They have an automatic inline ad that's placed at the top and there're also pop-up ads. LeX: The size of the pop-up ad may not matter to you but the fact that VirtualAve's pop-up ad is almost twice as big as Netfirms' might influence someone else's choice.
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    Netfirms or Freeservers?

    Netfirms is the exact same as VirtualAve in terms of pop-up ads except VirtualAve's are MUCH bigger.
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    where online can i learn perl?

    And that script is for UNIX. It can't run on a webserver.
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    do any forums have a newsboard option or newsboards have a forum option?

    Since I don't know which code you're wanting your newsforum to run on and since a PHP/SQL answer has been given, a CGI solution would be News Publisher.
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    do any forums have a newsboard option or newsboards have a forum option?

    Lemme get this straight; you want a newsboard and a forum combined? As in, certain people post news and the visitors can post their comments? Or am I thinking or something different?
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    He didn't start the topic either...
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    F2S forums, gone?

    Hmmm... It looks like Super8 cares.