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    Quad Xeon, 2GB RAM, 50 GB Traffic - $200/month

    If they would buy that components and build their own system (the cheapest way IMHO) they still would end up with around 7,500-8,000 for a Quad Xeon 512, 2 GB RAM, 3+15 Disk etc..., plus there is 12x50 = 600 GB Traffic included, alltogether 2,000 per year. Even if they buy traffic their own for...
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    Quad Xeon, 2GB RAM, 50 GB Traffic - $200/month

    Since they´re on Alabanza, one of the Alabanza peopel around here probably could tell them what major rip-off one of their customer has started there. Otherwise they may rip off some dozen people ea ~$2,000 and then never been seen again...
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    Quad Xeon, 2GB RAM, 50 GB Traffic - $200/month

    Check out this one. It appears after you click "order": "Also Note that we will not setup your server until you confirm to iEscrow that we have shipped the item. Your server comes online within 24 Hours of the time you confirm to iEscrow that we have shipped the item. (This is because many...
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    Quad Xeon, 2GB RAM, 50 GB Traffic - $200/month

    What are these guys doing, a plain rip-off? Look at this: http://server-source.net/ And look at the "Linux Reseller Server": Bandwidth $1 per 3 GB. ???
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    Suggest dedicated server deals

    But tera-byte won´t allow adult content when I looked last time, I´ll have a look again, thanks
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    Whats your favorite HTML editor?

    Real men use Dreamweaver and UltraEdit
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    changing registrars?

    At bulkregister.com, you list your domains, one per line, in a form, and they do the transfer for you. All transferred domains will be registered for a new year or whatever you have choosen as your default registration period (1-10 y.). If you weant to save money you might wait untill your...
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    The Best Registrar

    bulkregister.com -$ 10 now regular price, -online domain changes, -you can list your domains in a form, one per line, and they´ll transfer them from nsi for you.
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    which fwp suuport LWP?

    Even most pay hosts don´t have it installed. Cyberwurx has it now. At Hypermart it works fine.
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    Suggest dedicated server deals

    Ah well, it´s adult :)
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    Suggest dedicated server deals

    Hi, I´m moving from one host to the next. Will this ever stop? Still haven´t found what I´m looking for: -Fast/reliable network worldwide (europe too, not only USA) -Traffic $ 3 or less, on alabanza or dn.net up to 4 when I take 100GB+ per month -No or very low charge for assigning whole...
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    Best hosting plan in the work???

    Yes very true...