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  1. velton

    ECVPS down ?

    I've learn not to believe even they started operating since 2009. They are just disappeared just like this
  2. velton


  3. velton

    ECVPS down ?

    May i know what's your payment method, your Premium Reseller looks great.
  4. velton

    ECVPS down ?

    they are shutting down without any notifications at all. no sign and just gone. im gonna look back all the backup from my workstation and my client emails has gone.
  5. velton

    ECVPS down ?

    i being with ECVPS for 2 years above and recently my client complaint about their website could not be access and email failed to send. Tried to email them and visit their website and seems they are gone. That's my false that i did not backup all the data monthly. May i know what happened to...
  6. velton

    Happy Birthday Jan!!!!

    quit hosting, no more into hosting stuff. and recently got back here to see something about cloud hosting. Hows everything going here ?
  7. velton

    Happy Birthday Jan!!!!

    Happy belated birthday Jan. Long time no see !
  8. velton

    Ten years, -----es

    let's see how long i been here ... erm.. 9years:P
  9. velton

    Free cpanel Hosting for first 5 People from reliable 2 year+ hosting company

    Hi Joe, Dont bother it . it just a China forum name. sorry for the chinese wording here. i just to telling him that you're not that guy from that China Forum.
  10. velton

    .tk and co.cc free domain names

    To be honest , .tk is a great idea. but they ruined it with steeling traffic and remove your domain with any reason.
  11. velton

    Google Translate

    and that's Malaysia
  12. velton

    Today is Malaysia Day, 16-09-2011

    Yes, You're right. i checked few local DC, and their're giving low bandwidth but high price. By the way, do you host your box at Malaysia DC ? what do you think about Singapore DC.
  13. velton

    Working hour per day

    haha, what about CS Squad staff ? Btw, i work about 9-12 hours per day, 5 days a week. i dont really likes to talk about job during weekend.
  14. velton

    Today is Malaysia Day, 16-09-2011

    LOL .. ISA just repeal ...
  15. velton

    Today is Malaysia Day, 16-09-2011

    i was curious how many of you were from Malaysia and doing Free and Paid hosting .. :-) I'm from Malaysia too. Penang State here.
  16. velton

    what's your cpu specs?

    this is mine Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
  17. velton

    Free image hosting

    Here's another free image hosting :P check out www.imgs.my you may upload to 10mb for single image. :biggrin2:
  18. velton

    hey guys, check this

    what if you found out your wife/GF flirt with other guy. :rolleyes2 and what would you do ?
  19. velton

    hello.. how are you .. pal ..

    hello.. how are you .. pal ..