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    Yahoo! China gets a gigabyte

    we needn't 1G space mail
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    Lets Share our Desktop Screenshots

    http://www.q6.net/home/xtbbs/pic/disktop.jpg i use Microsoft Windows 2003 Chinese .
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    Windows VS Linux

    nothing is better than Windows i think :)
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    i need a free asp host !

    1asphost.com is down ? i can't go there.i'm in Chinese.
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    i need a free asp host !

    not good :(
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    i need a free asp host !

    at least 100M space support ms access and ftp ! thanks!
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    Hi, new Here

    Welcome! My name is XiaoTian:)
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    All right! and i will learn more english than in class in China,i think.
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    why? can't we speak Chinese here?
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    Who likes PI?

    There is a software named "Super Pi",haha...
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    XP SP2 "Won't Install On Pirate Copys"

    only a joke! I could use XP SP1 on pirate copies!
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    I need help quickly

    There must be something wrong with your hardware.
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    18th Birthday gift?

    I think you should do something for her , not only a card.
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    Need GMail ???

    I don't like Gmail though it offers us 1G mail space...
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    "XiaoTian" is my nickname.In Chinese,writes “小天”. "Xiao" pronounce xiǎo,hehehe...
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    Operating System Not Found error on bootup

    Format the Hard disk,I think.
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    Who speaks Chinese?
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    I'm new here. I'll introduce myself first. I'm a Chinese , 16 years old. I like computer tech very much. My MSN:sgxiaotian@msn.com My ICQ:179686088