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    Best, simplest way to display and sell my photography on-line?

    Hi all. I've always loved taking nature photos. I post a few on facebook and sell a few at craft shows. I mostly love capturing the image regardless if I make money or not. But now I'm hopeful and thinking if I can make a few dollars doing something I love, even better. When Amazons handmade...
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    They are supposed to be good right? Their hosting plans are very low priced, are they a good host?
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    does anyone use 1 and 1 web hosting?

    Are they a reliable and reputable host? Thank you, Ian
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    does anyone use awardspace.com?

    I came across this site and it offers a free hosting package that looks pretty good. Does anyone have any experience with them?
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    best free host that I can use my domain with?

    Hi all. I have a domain for my art work but no host. I know paid is best but right now no extra money isn't available so hopefully a good free host can get me started. Hopefully there's a good one that doesn't bombard with ads. I appreciate all reccomendations. Thank you, Ian
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    can someone help me with this header logo code please?

    I'm editing this site http://fairhopeartsandcraftsfestival.convergelocal.com/ and at the top I need the pncbank logo to be visually centered with a few lines of text underneath the logo without pushing the social icons down like they are now. Thank you! Ian
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    Best way to promote my photography?

    Sarmt that would be great, thank you. Just let me know what I have to do
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    Best way to promote my photography?

    Is there a good free portfolio site that you reccomend? Sent from my LG-MS690 using Tapatalk 2
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    Best way to promote my photography?

    Hi all, I have a domain and did have hosting for my site but I didn't renew the hosting since I didn't work on the site enough. So I redirected my domain to my facebook page. I take nature photos and would like to make an on-line portfolio to display and draw interest in my photography. Can...
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    need help choosing a simple shopping cart service on my photography site

    i don't have a merchant account, i do have paypal.
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    need help choosing a simple shopping cart service on my photography site

    my site is http://www.iansandsphotography.com I appreciate all suggestions. I would love to have a simple option for viewers to purchase a picture that they were looking at. I have softaculous in my control panel and see a few carts in there. Any reccomendations? I don't want to make my site...
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    Any fast promotion ideas?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my page seen asap by as many as possible so I can go ahead with my project. Are there any fast ways to get viewers to a site? Thank you.
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    please help me make my site appealing

    i installed a new theme and gonna try to adjust it
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    please help me make my site appealing

    i want a simple clean look. i was wondering if there would be a way to kinda sync my facebook photography page with my web-site page? i want a simple way to update my photos and keep them organized without making the site bulky. WordPress is cool, I'm guessing I should stick with that. Thanks...
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    please help me make my site appealing

    you mean where the "woodsy" category goes to the second line? that's because the top ran out of room. i'm thinking about scrapping the whole site and starting fresh, what do you think?
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    please help me make my site appealing

    do i put that code on each of my web-site pages?
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    please help me make my site appealing

    hi all, i used wordpress to get my site www.iansandsphotography.com going. i like many aspecst of it including the organization control. but i think it's lacking a bit. i love taking photos and would love a slick yet easy to update site that's interactive for visitors but simple and keeps...
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    please advise my design / direction

    Hi, I finally decided to purchase hosting through namecheap and wanted to make a site for my photography, hopefully to promote and sell some and slowly gather a fan / customer base. I like simple but also know that there are tools that can benefit me. To start I've only added a few pages...
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    best free service (s) to host and sell my products?

    Hi all, I take nature photos, I have a facebook page but can't sell through there. I would pay for hosting but can't afford it right now. What I want to do is have a simple page / site to display some of my photos where people can order them if they want. I could use paypal shopping cart for...