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  1. build-a-host

    Dedicated or vps

    We can offer you the following VPS that may fit your needs. http://321hosted.com/unmeteredvps.html 2048 100GB Disc Space 10Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth Fully Managed 2GB Guaranteed RAM 3GB Burstable RAM 2.9Ghz Guaranteed CPU 2 IP's 100Mbps Port $59.49 / month cPanel + $15 / month...
  2. build-a-host

    super cheap colo?

    Check with Anthony at RubyRingTech.com. He's a great guy and can give you a great deal on colo!
  3. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    Just use to you having a smart*** attitude with everyone.
  4. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    Yes, and if you'll read again you'll see that he said he gets very high traffic spikes. That was what I was referring to with the RAM. The DDoS protection was explained before that. Deeplist, not sure what you're problem is but I rarely see you respond to anyone with anything but a smart***...
  5. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    Ok then one of our cheap VPS packages should fit you just fine then. The only issue I can see is that with traffic spikes that you mentioned, it may bog down your server with only 384Mb of RAM. The RAM is upgradable though.
  6. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    No, the 100Mbps is the uplink port the server will be placed on. If you're looking for a VPS with a lot of bandwidth you should have a look at our semi-dedicated servers. They start at 8TB Bandwidth and go up to 75TB bandwidth! Sorry for the confusion!
  7. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    Hello Tyler, Yes, the IP is DDoS protected :) 1. Your VPS will be on a 100Mbps port. The bandwidth is not unmetered on those packages, you get 400GB only. We do however have 10Mbps unmetered servers starting at $5.50 a month. You can see those here. 2. We can filter attacks up to 1GBit...
  8. build-a-host

    Looking for good VPS

    Hello, We can offer you our C1 package which contains the following specs: 60GB Disc Space 400GB Bandwidth 384MB Dedicated RAM 0.6Ghz CPU 1 DDOS Protected IP Address Free SEO Report Fully Managed w/ cPanel $5.75 / Month cPanel is an extra $15/m More Info Order Now Please feel free to browse...
  9. build-a-host

    Advertise on WebHostingVIP.com! Text, Banner and Featured Listings, Cheap!

    Hello all, I would like to offer you all the chance to place your ads on WebHostingVIP.com. WebHostingVIP.com is a web hosting directory and promotions website which gives visitors information about the latest special offers posted here at WHT, and also gives them a directory of web hosts to...
  10. build-a-host

    Buy 1 Get 1 Sale! Double DS & BW! Unmetered VPS's only $5.50 fully managed!

    321Hosted.com offers premium hosting for just about any need and reseller hosting. We specialize in hosting for Wordpress Blogs, PHP-Nuke, Joomla, Elgg, and Standard Shared Hosting. We also offer a full line of Managed VPS services! Specials this month: Only available to new clients...
  11. build-a-host

    321Hosted.com, New Website. Let me know if you see any bugs or errors please!

    Hello all, I just finished setting up a new website for 321Hosted.com. Could you please check it out and let me know if you see any bugs, errors or other things that might be wrong? Also, let me know what you think in general! Thanks in advance! PS: I also used the same design on my other...
  12. build-a-host


    I'm thinking $40 is a fair asking price. If you have a counter offer, PM me and we can discuss it. Thanks
  13. build-a-host


    Lots of great domains for sale, cheap! Just make me a reasonable offer and I'll probably take it! DISCOUNTLAPTOPDEALS.INFO 8/28/2011 Reg'd @ Godaddy Google Results: 1,430,000 Global Monthly Searches for "Discount Laptop Deals" 91 FREEWEBSITESHOSTING.CO 8/28/2011 Reg'd @ Godaddy Global...
  14. build-a-host

    Shared $2.50 Reseller $3 Double DS/BW! 10Mbps VPS $5.50! Fully Managed, Free cPanel!

    Shared & Reseller Hosting Specials: 25% off for life! Get 25% off for the life of your account! Coupon Code: "25life" OR Double Disc Space & Bandwidth! If you do not use the promo code above, we will double your disc space and RAM! To get this, please open a support ticket after you order...
  15. build-a-host

    llll.com, many hosting domains! Selling cheap!

    DEDISERVERS.CO , F63.NET and WQGA.COM have been sold.
  16. build-a-host

    How do you get customers

    I use a mix of forum ads, paid ads and adwords. The best form of advertising is without a doubt word of mouth though. To get this you must offer exceptional services though. I have a couple of suggestions that might help you though. 1. Take that "Grand Opening" out of your signature. When...
  17. build-a-host

    Looking for quad core dedi offers

    I would highly suggest RubyRingTech! Anthony is a great guy, always willing to help and go the extra mile, and seems to be online ready to help 25 hours a day 8 days a week! Not sure how he does it!
  18. build-a-host

    Needed a Good & reliable Hosting

    Here is what 321Hosted.com can do for you! Basic Plan 1GB Disc Space 50GB Bandwidth $2.50 / Month (use code "25life" and get 25% off for life = $1.87) Free SEO Report! More Info Order Now We can move your website to one of our servers free of charge also! If you have any questions, feel free...
  19. build-a-host

    llll.com, many hosting domains! Selling cheap!

    llll.com, many hosting domains! Selling cheap! Lots of great domains for sale, cheap! Just make me a reasonable offer and I'll probably take it! DEDISERVERS.CO 2/12/2012 Reg'd @ Godaddy Global Monthly Searches: 450,000 Asking Price : $20...
  20. build-a-host

    best free service (s) to host and sell my products?

    I would recommend WordPress. There are many plugins available to have a fully featured shopping cart type website, and many themes available for photographers!