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    Free web Hosting request - CPanel

    Hello, Chris, I still don't understand why you need 40 databases for testing scripts; can you please clarify? Thank you.
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    Free web Hosting request - CPanel

    Why would you make such a request without giving any info whatsoever? 40 databases is nowhere near normal for the average free hoster.
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    cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting LAMP FREE!!!

    800 MB of disk space and 15 GB bandwidth cPanel / DirectAdmin FFmpeg, Image Magick, phpMyAdmin, webmail, customizable spam protection. Unlimited domains/subdomains. Up to 20 e-mail accounts and 10 databases. Mailing lists available. Sign up today! If you have any questions, please...
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    Request: host with Cpanel to forum about fishing.

    Hello, Luis, We would be happy to host your forum. Please submit your application here: http://hostalope.com/signup If any questions, just hit us up. You will receive 800 mb disk space, 15gb bandwidth. We don't have an autoinstaller for SMF, but I will personally install a copy for you if desired.
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    Free hosting request: cPanel, mySQL, PHP, Fantastico, phpMyAdmin, FTP, .htaccess, Oth

    Hello, crazyhorse, Hostalope certainly meets your requirements, however you will need to be very detailed and clear on what you will be using the services for. When you submit your application, include all of this in the "description" box, as well as any other special requirements you have...
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    Need addon domain host

    Hmm...testing what now?
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    Premium cPanel hosting, for free

    Hello, FWS, Hostalope continues to provide superior hosting services and now is just as good a time to sign up as any. 800 MB of disk space and 15 GB bandwidth cPanel / DirectAdmin FFmpeg, Image Magick, phpMyAdmin, webmail, customizable spam protection. Unlimited domains/subdomains. Up...
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    Need free hosting

    Hello, personincoat, I can help you out with 500mb disk space, 15gb bandwidth, and cpanel. Please e-mail me with your requested domain name and e-mail address using this form: http://hostalope.com/contact.html Do not attempt to fill out our signup form, as it will likely be rejected due to...
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    Free cPanel hosting!

    "Currently, new accounts cannot be created due to the overwhelming response of those interested. any further responses will be added to a queue." Ouch, that was fast! How is that you got such an overwhelming amount of applications? I highly doubt it. If anything, it sounds like you need to...
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    Need hosting for My Twitter Client

    Hello, Sabichul, Hostalope would be happy to host you. Let us offer you the following: 800mb disk space, 15gb bandwidth cPanel or DirectAdmin, your choice All the features you need, plus more! No links/ads are required, and upon signing up, you will have your log in credentials in less than 5...
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    Need advice on free hosting that supports xsl

    Hello, WLVL, Hostalope supports XSL and we would be happy to host you. Registering with us is incredibly easy -- put in the application, and within minutes you have an account! http://hostalope.com/ If any issues, please contact us. http://hostalope.com/contact.html
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    Request Blogsite Space

    Hello, Bongolation, For the subdomain, a linkback on the homepage would be sufficient. Go ahead and submit your application when you are ready, and be sure to reference this thread. Depending on your control panel choice, we will setup the DNS accordingly. Please let us know if you have any issues.
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    Happy Holidays from Hostalope -- Deluxe packages for free!

    That is the special. We are only offering deluxe packages at the moment. Limits are likely to change soon, so hurry while this offer lasts!
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    Request Blogsite Space

    Hello, Hostalope would be happy to host your site. Our servers are always up, and the only time you would get an e-mail from us is if it were an urgent matter or contained important information -- we don't e-mail you 'just because' or for advertising, or anything else and we keep all user...
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    Reasonable Request

    Hello, OFFMason, Hostalope would be happy to host you. For the subdomain, a linkback at minimum will be required. I can assure you that our hosting is quite stellar. If you can provide your own domain, this will no longer apply Space: 800 mb Bandwidth: 15gb Up to 10 databases, and 20 e-mail...
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    Happy Holidays from Hostalope -- Deluxe packages for free!

    Hello, FWS, Merry Christmas to all! Come celebrate the holidays with Hostalope. We offer free premium hosting accounts, without the need for ads or post2host. The account is yours to use for life, and you will never be asked to pay a dime. Come see what all the hype is about. 800 MB of...
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I don't know, that's kind of like saying "Hey I stole this lady's purse, but I ran real fast and didn't get caught. I should be OK, right?". Sure there might not be any witnesses and you may not get convicted -- that does not make it right. If abiding by the laws is the Alpha and Omega of your...
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Hello, Tao, Hostalope is coming up on its 7 month mark very shortly (about a week I believe). Anything you want to host? :)
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    Rock solid cPanel hosting. No ads, no post2host. 1gb disk, 15gb bw

    Hello, You should have recieved a response by now. If not, please let me know your e-mail address (if e-mail was the method of contact). How did you try to reach us? You can submit a message using the form here: http://hostalope.com/contact.html
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    Need a adult hosting sponser : you can have ads in site

    Hello, Suraj, Thank you for your kind words. From your stats which are still available, the site receives 1k-3k visits per day. The average resource usage over time does not appear to be bad, however there were a lot of spikes that created a load. Server load statistics would actually be...