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  1. Kira5566

    Look for an accounting system

    I think everyone will agree with me that QuickBooks Online has been one of the most common accounting software programs used by small businesses. But not everyone knows about credit scoring software based on AI and ML which is often called alternative credit scoring. It evaluates a customer’s...
  2. Kira5566

    Is Java Safe As Compared To Other Programming Languages?

    Java offers great security capabilities. This is the main reason so many companies use it. And I can't help mentioning Node.js (a Javascript runtime environment) here. Although Java is superior in application efficiency and security, Node. js is preferable for programming ease. In comparison to...
  3. Kira5566

    App development process

    When it comes to web development, I think that the choice of tools depends on the exact project. The last time I was involved in the working process, I discovered two great eCommerce development tools: WPHelpDesk which allows business owners to set up their help desks on the WordPress site in...
  4. Kira5566

    Best anti virus

    I've recently looked for a good antivirus for my Firestick, so I read much about various apps and tools here. From what I found out, there are four best software: Webroot Bitdefender VirusTotal Malwarebytes I chose Bitdefender. It is good. And I'm sure that using together with a VPN, my device...
  5. Kira5566

    Are there good PayPal alternatives available for personal payments?

    I want to update my previous answer. Except for Payoneer, I've recently discovered Comenity and I think it is a good alternative to Paypal, at least within the USA. One of the biggest advantages is that there is no fee charged for making online payments. Also, its customer service by link works...
  6. Kira5566

    Website Hacked – How to secure it?

    Great and useful info! Online security has become an actual topic since most of us work using the Internet. To be honest, I'm pretty tech-savvy, and all I use to keep my data safe is a VPN (I was lucky to find a good list here). I didn't even know there are so many ways I should pay attention...
  7. Kira5566

    What do you do when your on the computer?

    When I'm on the computer, I work, listen to music, or watch movies. Not everyone downloads movies today, though we all used to do it several years ago. There is a great number of streaming sites that allow watching our favorite content online. But I still download my favorite films through the...
  8. Kira5566

    Best way for making money online

    Today we have a wide choice of ways to make money online. One of the popular ones is selling. There is a great number of platforms that give such a possibility. I personally chose Poshmark. This is the leading social marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand stuff. And it is easy to...
  9. Kira5566

    What is Your Dream Country?

    I enjoy traveling and I'd like to visit as many countries as possible because I'm sure each of them has lots of great places. Currently, I'm thinking about traveling across the USA. I've already addressed the e zpass customer service by link and figured everything out. E-ZPass is an electronic...
  10. Kira5566

    Best Reseller Hosting Provider

    For me, the best reseller provider is SiteGround. Good service and affordable prices. You can also check the siteground reviews https://siteground.pissedconsumer.com/review.html to find out other people's experiences and decide if this is what you are looking for.
  11. Kira5566

    Cloud service that you prefer to choose?

    I'd like to mention cloud-based applications here. A lot of businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, but this decision requires careful thought to determine the best approach for their business. There are two main options. Usually, people have to choose the single tenant vs multi...
  12. Kira5566

    WordPress Hosting

    If you are looking for a good web hosting platform for your WordPress site, I'd pay attention to SiteGround. It offers several plans at affordable prices (I should say, the discount is really good) and all the needed features and options. You can also look through the SiteGround reviews by link...
  13. Kira5566

    Best CMS for App based website

    When it comes to choosing a CMS for an App-based website, there are several features that must be taken into account: 1. Mobile responsive templates 2. Powerful but user-friendly drag-and-drop editor 3. Apps that work well on mobile interfaces 4. Mobile eCommerce options Actually, there is a...
  14. Kira5566

    Big salute to the real heroes

    I absolutely agree. These people are real heroes. While we are sitting at home and complaining about how tough it is, they risk their lives and jeopardize the lives of their families. All we need to do is to be careful, get vaccinated, wash our hands, drink more water, and avoid crowded places...
  15. Kira5566

    Best Ecommerce Website Software

    I think all eCommerce platforms have pros and cons. Let's compare vtex vs shopify. Shopify is good for medium-sized businesses that don’t need deep customization, have a somewhat limited budget, and want to enter the digital market ASAP. But the companies with a big, multinational span, may...
  16. Kira5566

    do you like animated movie ??

    I like animated movies, always watch them together with my children. Usually, we go to the cinema or wait till they appear on Peacock TV here. The last animated movie we watched was Ron's Gone Wrong. We all enjoyed it.
  17. Kira5566

    What Music Do People Like?

    I like different genres, but rock and hip hop are always on my playlist. I guess the choice depends on my mood mostly. As I suffer from anxiety now and then, I always have tracks that help me calm down like You can never be ready by Sunrise Avenue or Maybe tomorrow by Stereophonics. Of course, I...
  18. Kira5566

    How many cigarettes can u smoke @ once?

    I know what you are talking about as I was the same. Smoking seemed to be a great antidepressant for me. But I quit two years ago and I'm happy about that. As for anti-smoking pills, I thought about taking Chantix, but having checked the info about it on the online pharmacy site, I found out...
  19. Kira5566

    Best Email Service ?

    I use several email services. I have accounts on Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo. Also, I use a Hotwire Communications email address. It is not so popular but it works well, I've never had issues. Also, the hotwire communications customer service by link is easy to address if needed. Does anyone else use...
  20. Kira5566

    Secrets of Online Business Success

    In my opinion, omnichannel retailing should be mentioned here. This eCommerce sales approach uses multiple channels and gives customers a unified experience across all channels (brick-and-mortar stores, websites, apps, etc). The goal of omnichannel is to create an integrated experience for the...