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  1. Mandrake

    phpbb vs. SMF

    SMF is way more advanced than phpBB. I just changed both of my forums over to SMF.
  2. Mandrake

    So it's hotter in Canada than in Pheonix right now.

    Nothing wrong with that! You can have the heat if you want it. It's actually fairly pleasant outside at night right now although I'm heading out to Southern California for the weekend tomorrow. Supposed to be in the 70's and 80's there! :beer:
  3. Mandrake

    Do you use website monitoring services?

    I used Alertra.com for the 30-day trial period. It was pretty good. :beer:
  4. Mandrake

    Windows XP, Flash, and ActiveX

    I've had two different betas of IE7 installed and they never affected my Firefox at all. ;)
  5. Mandrake

    Bio.nu new design, need your feedback

    Looks sharp! :)
  6. Mandrake

    Christmas: Loathe it or Love it?

    Ah... A Festivus for the rest of us! :coolmusic Happy Festivus everybody!!! :cool2:
  7. Mandrake

    I love my ISP

    I have Cox High-Speed Internet which is usually one of the best. However when they go down, it seems like it can take them a while to get it fixed. It went down a couple of months ago for about 12 hours. Then last night it went down again and still wasn't up when I got up this morning. No...
  8. Mandrake

    Help, IP Banned

    You would have to contact Peo or Todd.
  9. Mandrake

    need reliable host

    There seems to be no point in this thread's continued existence.
  10. Mandrake

    Avatar Changes

    Nope... I have over 1100 and mine's not bold!
  11. Mandrake

    start program before explorer

    No CD-ROM or Floppy? How was Windows even loaded on it in the first place? This isn't one of those mini-laptops like a Toshiba Libretto is it?
  12. Mandrake

    Internet is totally screwed up!

    I haven't had any problems reaching any websites either yesterday or today.
  13. Mandrake

    Rosa Parks dies at age 92

  14. Mandrake

    No more G-mail... In Britain anyway.

  15. Mandrake

    After Katrina its Rita

    That's cool! So where is The Woodlands in relation to Houston?
  16. Mandrake

    Worst Song Ever?

    I can agree with the Country, but "We Built This City" is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  17. Mandrake


    I'm surprised anyone bothers with pop-ups anymore since most modern web browsers have pop-up blockers. I wonder how many people even see them anymore.
  18. Mandrake

    After Katrina its Rita

    If I remember correctly, I think The Woodlands is one of the places where people were evacuating to! So I assume it's out of the path although I haven't bothered to look it up yet.
  19. Mandrake

    firefox 1.5(beta)

    When I used Firefox, nothing ever opened in tabs. I didnt know you had to click with a different button to use them. I like AOL Explorer as linked sites automatically open in a new tab.
  20. Mandrake


    I'm in a suburb of Phoenix and my one-bedroom is $550 a month.