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  1. nameslave


    99.99% uptime or 99.9%? I personally find it difficult to locate the latter even for $20 per month. For less than $10 a month, I would be glad with 99.7%. Just some quick thoughts.
  2. nameslave

    Any domain registrar rates like yahoo but supports paypal!

    DomainSite.com's $6.99 is probably the lowest PayPal-accepting price around withOUT any promotion/loss-leader. They are also an ICANN-accredited registrar.
  3. nameslave

    Buy a domain

    DomainSite.com is an ICANN-accredited registrar. They charge $6.99/yr and accepts PayPal.
  4. nameslave

    Registrar that accepts payment from unverified Paypal account?

    DomainSite.com ($6.99/yr) accepts PayPal. They are an ICANN-accredited registrar and doesn't ask you to "add fund" like eNom.
  5. nameslave

    What do you use?

    Notepad, and if the file is too large, Microsoft Word.
  6. nameslave

    Webhosting domain

    Last time I checked, you can disable their banners even with free .tk domains.
  7. nameslave

    10 usd

    No, it's not.
  8. nameslave

    Need Domain For Template Site.

    Do you design all your templates, or are you reselling them. Thanks.
  9. nameslave

    10 usd

    For US$10 - 15 per MONTH, I would STRONGLY recommend you go with some bigger guys. You DON'T need excessive storage and bandwidth, rather, reliability is king. Good luck.
  10. nameslave

    Godaddy - FTP file size limit?

    And your own ISP might have some restrictions too.
  11. nameslave

    What does a 'perfect host' mean to you?

    It's the same old saying: when something is too good to be true, it probably is. ;)
  12. nameslave

    Good Deal?

    I would say the most important thing is GREAT support here; to be frank, who needs *unlimited* domains?
  13. nameslave

    Can U Tell Me Cheap 99.99 Uptime Very Good Hosting???

    Almost ALL but 1 name mentioned above cost more than $5/month; I guess it may be too much to ask for in return, esp. when you mean 99.99% and not 99.9% uptime.
  14. nameslave

    Netfirms.com -. Are they Good

    Yes, Netfirms has been around for a long while, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have slow support, right? :D I have used them way back then; not particularly impressive, but I won't say bad. However, things must have changed a lot over the years.
  15. nameslave

    Wierdiest Hosting Company Names.

    Since when was incest becoming *funny*!? :curious:
  16. nameslave

    How to Choose a Good Domain Name

    Hmm ... looks like an OLD article to me though. Not sure ...
  17. nameslave

    Directadmin or cPanel?

    Add RVSkin to CPanel, and you'll get a professional interface. :)
  18. nameslave


    DomainSite.com (ICANN-accredited registrar) charges $6.99 and accepts PayPal.
  19. nameslave

    Domain Name for $ 7.99 (paypal)

    Do you mean they (the ICANN-accredited registrar) do not take PayPal themselves?
  20. nameslave

    Go Godaddy *1.99$ domains*

    I thought that was an old practice. Many decent hosting companies will register the domain in your name; perhaps if you cancel the hosting, they may charge you for the cost (of domain registration).